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You watched across the set Chinese love movies good about garden youth school titled With You yet? If not, we think you need to read the review first film this right below. Let’s go!


From my drama list: “When Geng Geng enters school central studying Zhen Hua, she sat next to top student Yu Huai. While she is struggling with homework and exams, she suddenly has a new mother and a new brother. However, after entering Zhen Hua High School, her lonely life comes to an end.

With new friends around, especially Yu Huai, she lived through three years until graduation. Suddenly after graduation, the boy she loved disappeared. When she meets Yu Huai again, will she choose the love she can never forget or will she choose Lu Xing He, who has pursued her for all these years? “

About 8 episodes later With You , I decided to read a few spoiler-free reviews. I’m glad I did, because I’m bored with love affairs. Turned out With You meant to give a more casual feel, which changed my perspective on pacing. Always helpful when I get impatient.

The two main roles, Geng Geng ( played by Seven Tan ) and Yu Huai ( played by Turbo Liu ), has a GREAT chemical reaction. They are very comfortable with each other, and their relationship progresses perfectly. I love them together, and I love watching them socialize with their friends. The second lead role, Lu Xinghe ( played by Wang Li Xin ), only one Thai His engaging demonic care makes him fascinating to watch.

Oh my, it kills me writing this! This morning, with you is all I can think of. Now that I’ve finished the series, I want to punch a wall. Or scream into space. HAPPY to release the rage.

The film splits in two ways – one is entirely up to the director, the other is actually based on iQiYi’s role. ( Thar are the front spoilers, boyfriend. You are warned! )

Episodes 23 and 24 incorporate a 9 year time jump, which I expected. HOWEVER, the storytelling is so tight and complicated that it almost loses the emotional impact it would have had. The director cut a frustrating kiss scene in such a way that I barely understood what was going on – literally one second Geng Geng jumped onto the chair, and the next second she was in Yu’s arms. Huai, kiss crap. he.

In the kiss, I could see Yu Huai’s pain, so his subsequent refusal didn’t surprise me. BUT FORGET IT!! No lead, no tension, NOTHING. I swear they had to give it to an intern and give them a deadline to field and no instructions. I haven’t seen such a correction in a long time. Acting alone saved it.

And then when Geng Geng visits Yu Huai’s mother in the hospital and gets the story behind his disappearance, the story his mother tells is complicated and has no solution. That was the basis for Yu Huai to tell Geng Geng that he would never be able to give her a happy, but incomplete life. GRRR NOBLE IDIOCY – one of my most hated tropes.

This is important because the final scenes of With You mainly based on a handwritten note Geng shoved at Yu Huai, a text conversation she had with him before the final scene, and a final message she sent him at the end That conversation determines the fate of their relationship.

I’m pretty sure she just said things like, “If you want to be together, go to our old place this day.” And in the end, so did he. But without really knowing it, that last scene was robbed of its emotional impact. And they don’t even kiss!! They stood about six to eight feet apart and SMILE AT EVERYONE.

With You still an enjoyable TV series and the whole series is generally enjoyable to watch. If you have the ability to see poorly processed endings, you might love it! As for me, I want those moments back.


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