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What’s wrong with Secretary Kim? is a set Korean romantic films was released to the audience in 2028. Many years have passed, but the series film still retains its hotness and is considered a k-drama South Korea worth seeing. So are they really as good as the rumors say? Find the answer in the content below.

Summaryt movie content

What’s wrong with Secretary Kim? is a 16 episode K-drama about a vice president and his secretary. The beautiful and reliable secretary Kim Mi So has worked with Vice President Lee Young Joon for 9 years. She is competent and anticipates all his needs in the business field. One day,Kim Mi So announced that she will be quitting her job.

Vice President Lee was surprised by this decision and he tried to change the decision but to no avail. Given that Secretary Kim couldn’t give up on her, Vice President Lee decided to do whatever it took to keep her here. During this time, he also suddenly realized when he fell in love with her. And whetherDid Kim Mi So have a crush on him?

What movie do I like?

Romantic. Screenwriters Baek Sun Woo, Choi Bo Rim ( Poem a Day) let the audience go through this romantic situation and another romantic situation of this couple when they fall in love. There are many kdramas that promise romance, but fail to come true. This series offers romance. We have seen them dine, go for walks, and share experiences that have led them to develop and deepen their personal relationships. Vice President Lee was the first to confess. Secretary Kim hesitated again. Our couple shared a past and found a future together.

Vice President Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon). The CEOs are complacent, confident, demanding, and self-centered central mind abounds in kdramas. But Park Seo Joon instilled in Vice President Lee charm and likability. He knew what he wanted and he did it, knocking her objections over. His past and their interactions are one that is interesting though a bit overblown.

Secretary Kim Mi So (Park Min Young). With a bright smile and efficiency that seemed to require little effort, Secretary Kim assisted the Vice President in carrying out his requested work. I really like Park Min Young in many dramas. With an elegant office outfit, Secretary Kim used a smile to hide her true thoughts and feelings from the world and Vice President Lee. As the series goes on, she adds her opinion but the outcry is usually just the initial reaction. Everything has to change at the end ^^

What do you not like about the movie?

Lack of passion. Our couple is a cute adult version. They put secure kisses (pretty much) on top of each other. They will not create passion. They were respectful and a little cautious. In the final episode, it’s clear that their long-term commitment will allow them to grow and open up more to each other. Although I like this couple and their romance, they are not the most attractive couple I have ever seen.

Support character. Their respective families and office team were not as interesting as ours. They often feel like they have a surplus.

Should I introduce? Secretary Kim What’s wrong? Well, if you want a romance with a hint of fate, this movie delivers. Our couple cared for and supported each other. I am rooted in them and enjoyed their journey in this series.


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