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The set film In the Bridegroom (My Heroic Husband) – My heroic husband 2021 is hot in the movie nerd recently. In particular, right from the broadcast, it created a wave of heated controversy. Find out now Review at My Heroic Husband – My heroic husband 2021: latest chinese movies this.


Adapted from the popular novel of the same name, “My Heroic Husband” opens the journey of a business tycoon Jiang Haochen (Zhang Ruoyun), who accidentally travels to the Wu Dynasty and becomes a son son-in-law of the family To Gia Ninh (Guo Qilin). After he got married, he helped his wife Su Tan’er (Song Yi) run the family fabric business and became Jiang Ning’s richest man. It takes half the movie to complete the business plot and move on to a heavier storyline, mostly episodes central into political conspiracies.

Controversy before broadcast

At the time of its broadcast, the series was entangled in a wave of boycotts due to a gender controversy regarding the author of the original novel. However, it’s important to note that the movie was done shooting before the incident happened and has nothing to do with it.

Fennudexiangjiao, the author of the original novel “My Heroic Husband” has been the target of backlash after his controversial comments about a female author alleging she was sexually harassed by sexual harassment. words from several male authors. He believes that her ambiguous sharing is intended to attract attention and take advantage of exaggerated feminism to attack male authors.

The heated discussion escalated into heated controversy when Fennudexiangjiao’s old comments were brought into the spotlight by angry netizens. One of them is “the novel (My Heroic Husband) needs absolutely no female readers”.

The reason for Fennudexiangjiao’s statement is that male readers account for more than three-quarters of readers of son-in-law-themed novels, according to the “Digital Reading Report 2020”. The original novel appeals to a large male audience by satisfying their deepest wish to marry a “bai fu mei” (a white, rich, and beautiful woman), to have a happy ending. bow and reach the pinnacle of life.

Understand mentality want to find the audience’s laughter and sweet moments

Although somewhat affected by the boycott, the success of the film adaptation shows how well the crew understands the audience and the principles of web drama. While the novel has a strong masculine color, the film adds many “woman-oriented” episodes to appeal to female audiences.

There is a social system in which the wife is the head of the household, having rights over the man who is married to her and in her home, which is contrary to traditional beliefs.

Moreover, the focus on the couple’s sweet little moments satisfies the audience’s thirst for something cute and sweet after difficult days. Guo Qilin and Song Yi’s chemistry is surprisingly interesting. Evolution emotional – being strangers, respecting each other, acknowledging their true feelings and overcoming challenges together – between Ning Yi and Su Tan’er is clearly shown. It’s hard to keep yourself from squealing at their love lines and cute interactions.

Guo Qilin is not particularly handsome or popular but he has that charm and cuteness. His character Ninh Nghi represents the image of a warm, cute male lead who not only takes good care of his wife but also respects her with utmost respect, which makes female audiences satisfied.

Ning Yi’s cute moments

The motif of the main character from the modern world traveling back to ancient times to cause funny situations has become so familiar in recent years. “My Heroic Husband” applies it very well and additionally maintains a sense of humor throughout the story. It not only contributes to clearly portraying the character’s personality but also makes struggles or tragedies never too heavy.

Take advantage of typical sensational dramas

Adapted from a good feeling novel for men, “My Heroic Husband” caters to everyone’s desire to succeed in life without much effort, even though it sometimes seems unrealistic.

Ning Yi is described as talented and full of luck. He always showed up at the right time and the right place to save the situation. As a business tycoon, he brings wisdom from modern to ancient society, helping not only to rescue his wife’s business from the plots of rebels, but also to bankrupt their opponents.

In addition, Ning Yi is also very proficient in combat, can write novels, has excellent chess skills, knows machines, is good at design, and is even familiar with stage setups.

He easily wins respect and affection from others. He happens to be walking down the street and meets girls who will end up supporting him wholeheartedly. Forced to study at Nam Duc Academy, Ning Nghi easily had a group of classmates under his command and even became acquainted with the Prime Minister and the Prince consort.

In contrast, his wife, Su Tan’er, who is said to be a strong and independent woman with outstanding business skills, is not evident. She relies heavily on her husband’s support, again, she strongly emphasizes the importance of the male protagonist.

Su Tan’er is a strong and lovely wife

If sweetness and humor attract female audiences, the sensory element pleases male audiences. Setting up the character and achieving the main character’s life is something that everyone aspires to but never achieves. Audiences are excited to see the film, follow the protagonist’s journey, and feel it’s their own experience.

Dissemination of modern business knowledge

One of the most interesting and popular things about “My Heroic Husband” is the way that modern wisdom is seamlessly transferred to antiquity and produces such spectacular effects. It differs from other “travel-themed” dramas that quickly overlook the fact that the protagonist is strongly influenced by education and modern society.

In “My Heroic Husband,” Ning Yi plays a shareholder who partners with Su Tan’er to form a “family partnership” that uses advanced business management knowledge to regulate run their fabric business successfully. Modern business knowledge and tactics borrowed from business giants Pinduoduo, Suning Yigou, and financial experts are explained through humorous storyline.

It is especially fascinating to see modern statistics, data analytics, O2O models, brands, product positioning, etc. applied in the ancient business and how markets school fabric is manipulated causing economic bubbles.

Knowing how hard it was for customers to park their cars, Ning Yi turned the open space next to the store’s main entrance into a parking space so customers could park more conveniently when they arrived at Su’s fabric store.

Let’s take a closer look at the popular case study – Pindaodao , the film’s reference to the tech unicorn Pinduoduo .

On the eve of the opening of the Su family’s fabric shop, the warehouse was flooded by heavy rain and a large amount of fabric was unfortunately damaged. Only 30 Scrolls of Cloud Gauze (Mu Yunsha) are left which are highly anticipated and will take around 10 days to re-produce. This sudden crisis not only prevented the new store from opening normally, but also adversely affected the store’s reputation.

Ning Yi steps up plate and successfully saved the situation with a business trick called Pindaodao. He prepares a handmade dart board with some scissors. The “negotiate” dart board is divided into seven equal parts representing the discount amount. To which part the scissors are thrown, the corresponding amount will be deducted from the “price” which has increased from the “original price”. One person can only throw once, but customers can ask five of their friends to help them “bargain”.

This model not only gives customers an entertaining shopping experience using retail games, but also takes advantage of human greed, satisfying their psychology when there are good deals and discounts. From the seller’s perspective, this is a successful viral marketing campaign that minimizes acquisition costs and maximizes brand awareness. Existing customers ask their friends to join for the discount, their friends ask for other friends, and it goes on. It helps to promote the store’s name further as well as effectively attract new customers through word of mouth.

Everyone in Jiangning is excited about Pindaodao.

Furthermore, by making customers believe they have a great deal, Ning Yi easily convinces them to wait a few days and then pick up their items with a pickup ticket. This pre-sales technique temporarily relieves inventory pressure when Cloud Gauze runs out of stock due to flooding.

What’s even more interesting about this approach is how it successfully maintains sales without distorting the market because the average price of the last sale is controlled by probability theory.

This Pindaodao technique, named by Ning Yi, resembles Pinduoduo’s signature group business model of buying and sharing with friends. With the popularity of “My Heroic Husband”, Pinduoduo has no reason to refuse free marketing to attract more customers from different audience groups. The company Technology This company quickly filed a trademark application for “Pindaodao”.

Since audiences subconsciously associate Pindaodao with Pinduoduo in the film, it is likely that there will be a negative impact on the brand if “Pindaodao” is used by other parties for unknown purposes. In addition, this is a form of marketing that takes advantage of the opportunity to increase brand awareness and improve brand preference among the public.


Although the second half of the plot cannot keep up with the first half, “My Heroic Husband” is still one of the dramas worth watching in 2021. Besides entertaining the audience, providing energy positive and makes us feel good about ourselves, the film shows how media and entertainment can disseminate complex business and educational knowledge. The impact of this film is so significant that even the the company technology also feels the need act in protecting their trademark and taking advantage of the movie’s popularity to promote their brand.

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