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Douluo Mainland is the set Chinese historical drama tells the story of Tang San’s journey as his soul is awakened from a small village where he stays with his blacksmith father to Nuoding Academy. At the Academy, he met the Grandmaster, who accepted him as his direct disciple, and met Xiao Wu. The Grandmaster then sends the two to Shi Lan Ke Academy (led by Fu Lan De) to learn new things, thereby meeting the rest of the team.

Tang San & Xiao Wu

During their days in the academy, they learned about the theory of summoned beasts, spirit rings, battle strategy, practical survival skills in actual battle, and all the skills involved. In fact, not much different from the school study that we study in modern life. At the same time, through their close friendship and journey, the friends foster teamwork and influence each other with principles of high standards including loyalty. central loyalty, trust, honesty, respect for opponents, etc. The whole team cultivates individual strengths and embraces strength to build a great team.

Overall rating film Douluo Mainland

Apart from Xiao Zhan, who took on the role of Tang San, I couldn’t recognize any other female actors. I believe the target audience of this series is probably younger audiences as the focus is really on young people’s adventures. Xiao Zhan is a good actor and I really like him, but he’s in his 20s and I think he looks like his age in the movie. I was expecting the series to have a younger generation of actors to portray a youthful and fresh look. Are the other actors and actresses doing well in their roles? Hmm… they are adequate, but perhaps not commendable.

Better focus on interesting plot and pretty good CGI. The series is based on a xianxia novel with lots of beasts and decorations fantasy mythology. It’s interesting to learn about the biological system Thai its new and unique – absorb summoned beasts to increase spirit rings, different types of spirits control, agility, support branches, defense etc each has its advantages and disadvantages, merging the spirits (!), twin resurrection spirits, bones, special herbs. One thing about xianxia, ​​it’s pretty hierarchical in nature as you move from the first spirit ring to the ninth spirit ring (with each level having a different name). Having an embedded system to climb on, it seems a bit contradictory considering it is a fantasy world after all.

2 support branch spirits – Ning Rong Rong & Ou Shi Ke

The camaraderie in academia is real, and I love the morality embedded in the series. Loyalty to friends, perseverance in adversity, trust as the foundation of teamwork, respect for opponents, honesty and openness in communication to align goals & maintain true friendship, continue collect new ideas, accept fairness for all, and refuse preferential treatment. Honestly, if only we as adults practiced all these things in real life, what a peaceful world we would live in!

The series explores the conflict of slaying beasts to subtly increase their god rings, with representations of Tang San (who is the love child of a Spirit Master & a Spirit Beast) and love. his is for Xiao Wu, also a Spirit Beast. It also explores how the “underdogs” persevere and work hard to achieve something in life – in the case of Dai Mu Bai when the second prince was betrayed by his own brother and family. oppressive. There are hints of political maneuvering with the 2 kingdoms – the Kingdom of Heaven Dou and the Kingdom of Saola and the existence of the Spirit Hall, which are lightly mentioned but do not go into detail.

Zhu Zhu Qing and Dai Mu Bai of Luo Star Kingdom

Journey step by step and each journey has its own climax with interesting pieces of information & investigations. The plot kept me going, and there were episodes that I had to repeat because I wasn’t paying attention while watching. The mood of the series is light and youthful, with a hint of wit. Some pretty good comedy moments.

Romantic? Not the highlight of the series. You can feel the young love for the younger generation, while the older ones have hints of romance here and there, but not fully explored. And frankly, I’m glad this isn’t the focus.

Compare the difference between the novel and the film version of Douluo Mainland

Xianxia novel written by author Tang Jia San Shao online, has a total of 336 chapters. There are some slight differences between the series and the novel.

  • Tang San’s original character in the novel is reflected as someone who was reincarnated from another world, but retains his memories from his previous life. This is also how he managed to craft secret weapons and identify with herbs and poisons with ease.
  • The awakening process occurs when Tang San is 6 years old in the novel while in the story occurs when Tang San is in his teens. In the novel, Tang San stays with Xiao Wu for almost 6 years thus enhancing the closeness of their relationship while in the manga this period seems to be shorter.
  • In the novel, Ou Shi Ke is said to be the most handsome while Ma Hong Jun is said to be a promiscuous one. Ou Shi Ke’s depiction in the series is actually very humorous, although Ma Hong Jun’s character seems to be downplayed.
  • The novel has a lot more battles for the teams in various competitions while the series has condensed the battles into their battles at Dou Heaven Kingdom and Spirit Hall.
  • Some of the characters are quite different as I imagined when I tried to read the novel before finishing the series. An example – Tai Long is more elegant and handsome than I imagined him to be. Another example – Xie Yu’s character in the story is more of a saboteur than in the novel. Prince Xue Qing Hue in the story is much more “childish” than in the novel, whereby he is described as a delicate and eloquent person.

There are certainly comparisons between the novel and the series, and fans may not like the actual series. My xianxia novel is difficult to serialize in real life production. Xianxia novels can be thousands of chapters long, some still run with one or two chapters per week!

The television series Douluo Continent is considered very commendable for being able to capture the main point of the novel. There are some tweaks to the plot and characters, but none change the focus. Although the series has 40 volumes, it is on hold because it is only one part of the novel. I guess will be continued next season!

Conclusion 7/10

The story is suitable for young audiences and young at heart :D. Watch it for Xiao Zhan, the plot and the adventure of the group. Re-imagine yourself as one of them, rooting for them in adventures and rejoicing with their achievements. Light with some surprises in the adventure. More importantly, I really enjoyed the principles the team learned and practiced. Go ahead, but be forewarned of Part 2.


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