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From the makers of last year’s Asian box office hit Bad Genius is another Thai comedy, “Brother of the Year” . Directed by Vithaya Thungyuyong, “Brother of the Year” has starring Thai actor Sunny Suwanmethanont as Chut and Urassaya Sperbund as sister Jane. Read now Review of the movie “Heavenly Beaten” – Good Thai comedy.

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Ever since they were kids, the two of them have always been in a cat-and-dog relationship as they end up having to fight about almost everything due to their conflicting personalities. Jane becomes the perfect daughter while Chut becomes a burden to their family.

Whether it’s academics, sports, looks or personality, Jane is always ahead of him. Because of this, Chut grew up having a complex complex with his sister, through which he retaliated by discouraging all of her pursuers.

The only time Chut had complete freedom was when his sister came over Japan Copy for 4 years to continue your studies. Chut can finally live as a happy and free single person. Chaos ensues when Jane returns from completing her studies, ending his single days. That is until Chut finds out that she is dating her co-worker Moji (Kpop group 2PM’s Nickhun). And he hatches a plan to avenge his sister by tearing them apart.

Even though it’s far from the quality and wit of last year’s robbed comedy Bad Genius, “British of the Year” still a comedy effect after all. The first half of the film gives us the background of Chut and Jane and how they ended up as they are now. It shows us their fight and how they try to take each other down in hilarious and chaotic ways. The jokes come quickly and intensely, leaving no dull moments for the audience.

The humor is very effective, thanks to the performance of the two leads. The first half of this movie is where all the humor of the movie is located. This is because when it gets to its other half, it turns the cake and turns into a complicated family drama.

Although the second half is not as engaging as the first, the conflict between Chut and Jane is still very effective and solid. This conflict will bring them both down, a relationship that has already perpetuated their relationship as siblings.

I’m sure a lot of the audience will definitely relate to the story and they will shed tears at the final moments of the film. The only issue I have is that the movie could have used a bit of a crop because it feels like they’re trying too hard to stretch the story, resulting in long runs.

I once watched Sunny Suwanmethanont in a movie titled Seven Something , an anthology of Thai romantic drama. He did play a bit of drama in his part in the movie, so this is the first time I’ve seen him act in a comedy.

I must say that he is very good at comedy timing. He’s really hilarious playing the part of Chut, especially whenever he gets into a fight with his little sister. Urassaya Sperbund is amazing as she plays his older sister, Jane. She was very immersed in the role and, in turn, convincingly performed the other sibling.

Nickhun, who plays her boyfriend, Moji, is quite charming and adorable on screen, especially during his moments with Urassaya. Manasaporn Chanchalerm also deserves some praise as she portrays Dear, Chut’s co-worker who ultimately gave him some wise and serious advice. Although she’s not really Chut’s favorite, the two of them showed some great chemistry with each other.

Despite being marketed heavily as a straight comedy, “Brother of the Year” ” is sure to surprise the audience with its dramatic half. While the film could use a bit of trimming, this was offset by the hilarious script and committed acting by the actors.


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