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After a long time of not sharing things about Thailand, I finally came up with a assessment form short about a Thai movie that I actually watched a few weeks ago but now I have time to watch it again Yep… The title is “” CAT A WABB “. Let’s find out Review Cat Matchmaking (Cat a Wabb): Best Thai movie.


Back to this movie. The film has a duration of about 1 hour 49 minutes starring Baifern Pimchanok and Pea Arak. For those of you watched One of Thailand’s most phenomenal films “The Crazy Thing Called Love”, you must be very familiar with the female lead. Yup, he is the Male in the CLTCL drama, now appearing with short curly hair that makes him even cuter. As for the male role played by Pea Arak. Perhaps those who have seen “My Name Is Love” will know about him, because he is the main character in the movie.

Baifern Pimchankok & Pea Arak

The film tells the story of Mayo, a student who decides to intern at a the company advertisement. There, she meets a handsome director named Mor and falls in love with him, perhaps a love at first sight. One day, their advertising agency was assigned to make a commercial for ramen starring a cat with the main character being a cat named Johnny from a gangster. Japan Copy.

Making a cat act is not easy, so Mayo and Mor worked hard to convince the cat to want to act, but because of that, the two became closer and seemed to emotional Mayo’s for Mor began to grow stronger. However, one day, Mor meets his ex-girlfriend again and makes it impossible for him to move on again. When he realizes that Mor hasn’t been able to completely forget his ex, Mayo is sad to feel his love is only one-sided. Will Mor finally get back with his ex? Or a happy ending for Mayo?

Mor meets his ex-lover

If you look around, the plot can be quite simple and quite orthodox, but I really like the storytelling. For viewers who love Thai movies, you will know very well that Thai filmmakers are always successful when making movies in the comedy-romantic genre. I don’t know why when I watch this Thai movie, I always try to laugh because of its humor, even though it may just be a normal joke. I also like the use of cats and a bit of Japanese culture as the setting of this story is quite unique.

But, about the ending, for some reason I wasn’t too satisfied with the ending. Still too hanging in my opinion. What about it… I don’t really feel the end.


The “eccentric” duo made me laugh (Btw, don’t practice central on the gentlemen in blue)

I’m really sorry, this review is really short and maybe a bit random. I’m not in the mood to write long. Ah yes.. btw right now I’m watching 2 Thai dramas that are airing. I’ll probably revisit one of them soon, even if I’m in the mood I’ll try to review both. So stay tuned, guys!


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