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If you love the genre Thai American movie, you definitely won’t be able to miss the series film Manner Of Death – Manner Of Death with a series of interesting and interesting details. Not only

Another series that I’ve had my eye on since learning that “Madeaw” filmmaker Sakveerakul will be directing “Manner of Death” and even though I’ve read a few chapters of the novel, I won’t read the chapters. different because I don’t want to spoil the ending for myself but I have to say the plot is very interesting and different from other Boy Love Thai series.

In series horror film This investigation is about the way of death in each case, the laws, the dark influences that can turn a murder into a suicide. Forensic 30 years old, Bun (Max Nattapol Diloknawarit) moved from Bangkok to work as a medical examiner in his hometown in Viang Pha Mork which he left 15 years ago. A quiet and happy town where his childhood best friend is Pued (Foei Patara Eksangkul) and Janejira (Meiko Chonnikan Netjui)

After only 1 week since arriving, Bun finds that peaceful happiness is just an illusion due to the death of the student Natty of Janejira , collapsed in the middle of the market with blood running down her thigh! ฺ Bun conducts an autopsy on Natty’s body along with Oat (MD Nutthapong Phibunthanakiet) his resident doctor, an autopsy concluded that Natty had heavy drugs in her blood and died of a miscarriage.

Manner of Death

This case introduced him to US Inspector (Great Sapol Assawamunkong), police officer watched most cases in the region. The two became acquainted as Viang Pha Morkers in a club, where he met Tan (Tul-Pakorn Thanasrivanitchai) a tutor from Cram School, their eyes meet and they kiss from nowhere!?! They arose emotional special to each other but after a birthday party it turns out that Tan is Janejira’s boyfriend! That night Tan, Pued and Janejira had a big fight. The next morning, Janejira was found dead in her own bedroom and it appears she had hanged herself.

Did Janejira commit suicide or did someone kill her? The story is about a relationship full of mysteries, threats of attack and a case where the authorities are trying to hide something.

Other than the investigative thriller storyline, another new and exciting angle of this series is the lead role as a calm, intelligent and experienced doctor in finding clues from corpses. The series is filled with medical terms that are quite hard to find in the Thai series and you don’t need to double-check these medical information because the writer is an actual doctor!


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