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Ghost Game 2 (Pee Nak 2) In part 1, First, Balloon and Nong (August Vachiravit Paisarnkulwong) First, Balloon completed the rest Nong continued to stay as a teacher, the members breathed a sigh of relief just because they were tired at school. only because the skin is quite crowded. The joy is not yet complete, the second word ‘if done, you will die’ again Balloon gave two me v. After going through some events, everyone discovers the first secret of Poster’s soul film Temple of Bizarre 2 – Thai comedy good.

The same simple story, a group of haunted people at an ancient monastery, seek to uncover the secret of speech so that people want to completely not die. It’s perfectly possible to tell the story in the first 15 minutes and the last 15 minutes of the movie, but in order to stretch it long enough for theatrical release, the script adds a lot of superfluous details and the cast of characters has almost no impact on the story. the task of laughing in the middle. For example, the innocent character is the singer Toh (Mean Phiravich Attachitsataporn), he is mainly portrayed as the singer Toh (Mean Phiravich Attachitsataporn). Toh was forced to become a monk by his mother to fulfill his old promise at the temple, at first he did not want to be a monk at all, but spent a few nights at the house keeping and sincerely stipulating without any logical reason.

The three main characters of the movie: Nong – First – Balloon
The group of characters that play the role of young monks doing almost every job is screaming and running at full speed, and it doesn’t matter if the story ends, it’s completely possible to skip the parts of the incident. of this character group. The turbulence between First, Balloon and Aod (Pond Khunnapat) is not the same.

Two gay characters identify the funny tree causing trouble, monstrous nuclear personality. Or then the screen changes the cumulative drama to the cheesy feelings Aod has for Nong, he gets angry with the two returnees because they follow Nong’s dangerous release, this part arranges a way out. The film seems not to be for the audience who wants to learn a good plot The funny scenes “specialty” of Thai movies have long been practiced for a long time. central into inhuman characters The amusing manner and the garish, ridiculous feedback element is said to be at its best if not vulgar, this was the sort of laughter from ages ago in movies and was gradually phased out. abandoned in the developed cinema.

The commercial success of season 1 (over $5 million in Thailand alone) made it possible for the producers of Leaping Scenes to maximize the use of scare effects on screens where ghosts appear. , lacking in building a horror atmosphere. The dialogue screen continues to be a minus point, the answers are too “exciting” to scare the amusing target being taken advantage of by the feeling of extreme discomfort. Combining too many “fever” elements such as humor, horror, mentality Filmmaking is like a hot pot, too many positions are not impressive. Greed crammed in appropriate lengths to give meaning to the soul’s subsequent story

The stable part in the film belongs to the monk Nong – Nak (Timethai Dharmthai Plangsilp). The scene of Nong Sensing, helping Nak ghost’s soul to release the resentment from the previous life like saving c. Accepting an evil is enough to turn a gentle person into evil, releasing an evil spell, turning evil back to good is immediately super-birth, which also allows people to forgive themselves. If only stop in the scene that without a screen of the next education in the film, I will be back to re effect in the same same is impressive to the viewer, but it seems the director wants to ‘make a clear presentation out of fear’ not understand. ‘that the broken part or this movie.

Soul of the MA Nak can be SEE is the online kernel is the most Stable In This Movie
The last thing I feel is that this movie is not at all in the language of cinema, but like a series of sitcoms made by a group of amateurs. Thai photos never made horror film There is a humorous element, but Temple 2 is a clear step, too flashy, shallow, forced, and ridiculous.

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