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The main function of ahc eye cream It is still whitening, removing dark circles and anti-aging, preventing wrinkles for the eye area, but adding a few ingredients to increase its effectiveness. In addition, the product also provides many anti-aging solutions to help whiten and improve wrinkles, add elasticity to the skin, provide nutrients to make the skin healthier.

Ingredients in AHC Eye Cream

Includes ingredients pupin protein and argireline. It contains more than 10 types of peptides that will help prevent skin aging and make the skin firmer.

  • Niacinamide, Glutathione will help Whiten skin very effective.
  • collagen, ceramides Increases skin elasticity, making skin more elastic.
  • Ingredients Antitoxin, sodium, … help the skin balance moisture and prevent water loss for the skin very well.
  • Other natural ingredients such as gotu kola, milk protein, coconut oil and more than 20 different types of mushrooms, plant roots. These ingredients will help to make the skin healthier, firmer and smoother
  • In eye cream AHC Youth Lasting This contains a lot of collagen essence. It helps strengthen the bonds from deep in the epidermis, helping the skin around the eyes to produce more collagen. To quickly remove wrinkles around the eyes and in the corners of the eyes.

How to use and store AHC eye cream

For anti-wrinkle cream to treat dark circles under the eyes AHC Youth Lasting depending on your intended use. Then you should refer to the following ways to use eye cream to make the most of it:

  • Use eye cream every day: For use AHC eye cream Youth Lasting Every day, you should use it in the morning and at night before going to bed. You should use Rose water first to clean more deeply the cells inside your facial skin. Then use 2 fingers to lightly dab the cream around the eye area and spread evenly.
  • When Used For Facial Skin: In addition to being used for the eye area, you can also use it for the whole face. In the morning and evening, after washing your face, you should dab a little eye cream on the entire face and apply it evenly.

You just need to store the product in a safe and dry place. Close the cap tightly tightly after use.

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