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List of series good chinese action movie This year 2020 is considered to satisfy even the most fastidious ‘movie nerds’.


If you want to see a fight between kung fu and karate. or kung fu vs international boxing This movie can be called made for you. In this story, it will tell about Hua Yuan Jie. Top kung fu players from central Nations, who have a reason to fight with the best fighters of different types, whether it’s karate. wrestling or boxing Hua Yuan Jie had to show Chinese Kung Fu to the world. that they will no longer be the sick people of Asia. by the highlight of this It’s in the phases act combines many types of martial arts. Made to watch new and unique battle scenes. It’s a set action movie should not miss.

King of Beggars

Although the intro seems serious, let me tell you that real movies aren’t funny yet. Because this story will be about Sue. The son of a rich man costs nothing to become a beggar and falls in love with a young girl until he has to undergo a clone exam to gain her possession, but back and forth. became the leader of the Krayajk Party. and inherit the sect’s technique Even if it’s an old movie But this movie has everything, be it action, drama, romance or comedy as the main character. So it’s another good movie that’s suitable for casual viewing during vacation.

The Forbidden Kingdom

When it comes to action stars at the forefront of the industry Some might think of Jet Li. Some people may think of Jackie Chan. but what will happen when the two of them co-star in a movie In this movie will be about Jason. A young man owns a magic club and gets lost in a magical world. In that world He meets three kung fu masters, and they all must join together to carry out a prophecy mission. It can be said that there are many different famous stars who come to perform so crowded that it can be called Just watching the actors is worth it.

Dragon Tiger Gate

Who said Chinese movies have to be historical stories only? because even in the present, this movie still retains its charm because of its internal force. Because this story will tell about three brothers of the Dragon Tiger sect. Wang Xiaolong, Wang Xiaohu and Shi Heilong, three young men with different techniques but with the same goal: revenge on Demon Lord Shibumi. A nefarious fighter in debt to them. For the fun of this to a degree that can be said Just watching the action scenes of this story is well worth it.

The Myth

Who is a fan of movies about inner strength with thrilling action sequences and deep love scenes? This movie should be able to take you in with ease. The movie will be about Jack. An archaeologist accidentally found the tomb of Qin Shi Huang. And that’s why he stepped into space-time to see himself in his previous life, General Meng Yi. The Qin general who fell in love with the emperor’s concubine In this movie In addition to watching Jackie Chan perform the action scenes. You will be able to enjoy the story of two worlds that will keep you entertained until you can’t stop watching it.

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