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What are the uses of Decumar acne cream and how to use it? This article will give you the answer. Also you can see more articles Decumar acne cream is good? to learn more about this product.

Benefits of acne cream What is decumar?

Decumar is a pharmaceutical brand America specializes in acne and dark spot treatment products extracted from curcumin nanotechnology, the most popular products are Decumar and Decumar Clean. Since their launch, these two products have achieved very high sales through drugstore sales. However, when it comes to Decumar’s brands and products on the market, only a small part of customers know about it. In this project, Gu raised brand awareness in the market, from analyzing the customer journey and then developing a set of brand mascots that the brand could use in its marketing campaign. mine.

Decumar acne gel contains a large amount of nano turmeric (Nano Curcumin), vitamin E, aloe vera and red onion. These are substances that have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and inhibit the growth of acne.

In addition, the essences contained in aloe vera, red onion and vitamin E are capable of moisturizing and anti-aging is very good for the skin. With ingredients formulated to be perfect for acne-prone skin, Decumar also brings great benefits to the skin such as:

  • Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and quickly reduces inflammatory acne.
  • Prevents and fades post-acne scars.
  • Rapid regeneration of skin damage caused by acne.
  • Provides moisture to the skin, keeping the skin smooth and fresh.
  • At the same time, preventing dark scars of skin wounds caused by scratches, skin collisions, burns, …

How to use Decumar acne cream correctly?

To achieve the optimal effect in using Decumar acne gel, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Need to wash your face with water, then you can dry it with towel soften or let the skin dry naturally.
  • Step 2: Take a sufficient amount of cream on the fingertips and apply it on the acne spots, dark spots, then gently massage in a clockwise direction so that the cream can penetrate into the skin better.
  • Step 3: If it is an acne with a nucleus, you have to wait for the acne to ripen (for a few days) until the acne kernel emerges and dries, then you take the acne core and apply Decumar cream on it. You should apply 2-3 times a day, morning and night.
  • After a period of use, the acne will dry, fly away without leaving bruises, keloid scars, or concave.

With the information we shared above, you must have got your answer.

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