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To find out which style works best for you, you should also consider your hairstyle and face shape texture. We have searched the most to send you celebrity inspired hairstyles. It’s easy to find a hairstyle that accentuates your contours with styles shoulder length hair tóc Best for oval faces.

Slag style shoulder length hair

When it comes to shoulder length hairstyle The blog cannot be ignored Alexa Chung. The beauty of this cut is that it flatters any face shape and can be styled to your liking for the day. Hairstylist Abramite instructs to achieve a bouncy look, using a spray or mousse and smoothing through your hair with your fingers.

Slag style shoulder length hair

Shoulder length hair parted in the middle

If you have curls, make them hug hair your. However, to avoid the triangular shape, Abramite recommends adding layers to reduce weight and accentuate her eyes and cheekbones. mirror Oval face. These layers extend all the way down and longer layers are added inside to release these curls.

Shoulder length hair parted in the middle

Lob’s hair curls angled

Not to be confused with the asymmetrical bob, the angular lob is a bob that is shorter in the back and longer in the front. The hair on each side of the head is the same length (although cut at an angle). Abramite says that this hairstyle suits an oval face very well and will please the crowd as it will remove any muscles in the back and slim down any weight forward.

Lob's hair curls angled

Asian shoulder-length wavy hair

Let your hair enhance your naughty and feminine features. Short and medium length hair looks lovely with this loose and beachy Asian curly hairstyle. Wear a petticoat or a floral beach dress with some boots or flip flops and you’re ready to get all the attention with this look.

Korean shoulder length hair

The women have long hair, they have soft and pretty curls, slanting bangs are also added to their hair. However, you can also experiment with different hairstyles, such as this popular Korean short haircut. These gorgeous hairstyles are excellent and they are done with shoulder length hairdos and most the type This hair can be combined with sparse bangs. This trendy and popular short shoulder-length hairstyle is applied by most of the trendy girls who love fashion.

Korean shoulder length hair

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