Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

Summer is a great time to try it all out the type Different color nails. Here Thetips will suggest you 5 models Best nail art 2021 for the summer that is causing fever in the beauty community. Let’s see which nail designs they are!

Beautiful rainbow nail art

When summer comes, the rules are all broken, and it’s time to show your creativity in rainbow manicure. Plus, these rainbow nails with pops of color will make you the center of attention.

Beautiful nail art

For a standout look this summer, opt for nail art. To properly express this artistic look, you can grow your nails or choose acrylic colors that are round, almond-shaped, pointed or square. Then let your creativity shine with color. This is the trend of 2021, why don’t you try it right now Beautiful nails painted this summer?

What’s more attractive than a flower manicure? This super sweet nail art trend is a classic for summer. This nail style will bring a playful beauty and a bit of nostalgia. To catch up with this new trend, combine striking colors like lemon yellow or avocado green that are hot trend.

When summer comes, pastel paint will take the throne in 2021! From mint green to buttery yellow, pink and periwinkle green. All this beautiful nail art comes in a lovely shade that suits everyone. These bright but not too bright colors remind you of fresh flowers and cakes. Painting a different pastel color on each finger will give you a very “summer vibe”.

Beautiful nail style Color Block

If you’re into the glamorous sexy style, why not try this chic color block nail art trend? Striking colors add a playful touch, while nude tones take this design in an elegant direction. The pointed tip creates an arrow effect, making your nails and fingers look much longer.

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