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If you are looking for a new hairstyle, you can consider the shoulder length hairstyle. Medium length hair not only suits almost any hair type and texture — not to mention face shape — but it’s also an incredibly versatile cut. Whether you’re looking for a hairstyle that fits your personality, lifestyle or occasion, these styles shoulder length hair tóc The following inspired stars will meet your needs.

Chrissy Teigen wavy lob hairstyle

Chrissy Teigen’s wavy lob hairstyle looks eye-catching. By maintaining length and parting the hair to one side, this cut and style has the effect of elongating and balancing a round face. Instead of asking your stylist to cut most of your hair, show them your desired hair length. It’s much more accurate and ensures you get the complete length you want.

Chrissy Teigen wavy lob hairstyle

Ciara’s shoulder-length hairstyle

For women who have enjoyed keeping their hair long for quite some time, deciding to cut it shorter can be a little intimidating. However, with hair color dye and the ends of the hair tend to be lighter, occasionally cutting a few centimeters into a lob is essential. It removes all the tired dry treated ends and allows you to press the reset button on your hair.

Ciara's shoulder-length hairstyle

Type horizontal hair shoulder with roof

If you have hair naturally curly, you can easily make this cut. This cut gives a soft look to the bangs, highlighting Marta’s cheekbones. The bangs are quite short to give the hair movement. According to Saviano, this hairstyle is best suited for people with thick and wavy hair and is not recommended for people with thinner hair. To get this look, simply let your hair air dry and style it. If you want a little more curl, get a curling iron.

Shoulder-length hairstyle with bangs

Shoulder-length hair mái

Type shoulder-length hair by Zoe Saldana is extremely versatile. It can match the office environment and be stylish for a weekend night out. This hairstyle works well with finer hair as it keeps the ends looking full.

Shoulder-length hair

Brandy’s short bob

Shorter bobs are great for thick, wavy hair. Brandy’s retro waves are gorgeous and this particular length is just long enough to keep her thicker hair from sticking out. Shorter hairstyles will be adventurous with the pocket effect that comes with thick and short hair.

Brandy's short bob

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