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With a hair clipper, you can create countless hairstyles from straight hair, curly hair, to even wavy or curled… However, not all of us know how to use it. The following article we will guide you how to use the hair clipper most effectively.

Preparation step

Start with clean and dry hair

Make sure you start with hair completely dry and clean. Wet hair won’t curl and damp hair won’t.

If you’ve blow-dried your hair, use a mousse to add volume and keep your hair from falling flat when you curl it.

A quality hair clipper

Make sure you have one Machine hairpin good quality. Quality machines will work faster, make hair shiny and less damaged than poor quality ones. They can have a big impact on the shine and uniformity of curls.

Machine hairpin

Heat up Machine hairpin to the minimum temperature you need for your hair. If your hair is thin and sparse, set it to a low temperature below 180 degrees. Normal hair can be ironed at 180-200. You can screw it up higher if your hair tends to be thick, coarse, or curly.

Hair protection spray

Applying heat sealant or heat spray will create a protective barrier between the hair and the straightener so that the hair does not “frizz” and burn.

If you have thick hair, spray each section of hair before combing. If you just spray it all over your hair, it won’t get to the bottom layers.

Also, be sure to brush out any tangles before curling your hair.

Instructions on how to curl with a hairpin

Step 1: Divide your hair into equal parts

Start under the scalp, near the ears and neck. Leave your hair the most to curls hair first. A rule of doing the front half. Secure the rest of the hair with clips.

After completing this layer, you will part your hair and drop another layer. Again, clamp the uncurled parts up and continue curling more layers.

Step 2: Make a wavy hairstyle

  • Starting at the base, create a “C” shape with a rounded curve facing outwards. Depending on how many waves you want to curl or soften, you can drag Machine hairpin slightly longer or shorter as you create the wavy style.
  • Repeat this movement in the opposite direction to create an “S.”
  • Continue reducing the length of your hair until you reach the ends — you will keep these slightly straighter.
  • Use your fingers to shake your hair with hairspray for a longer hold

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