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Use cream concealer Top is the key to get grade make up perfect. Cream concealer Best for covering dark areas, brightening dark areas, concealing imperfections and working in tandem with your foundation for an even skin tone. The following article shows you how to use concealer for perfect makeup.

Myths about using concealer

Before getting into the details of how to choose and use concealer, let’s start by debunking a few persistent myths about concealer.

  • Concealer is not a substitute for foundation. If you want more coverage, use concealer after foundation. Only apply concealer to small areas of skin of a different color (under the eyes, around the nose, and above the pimples).
  • Skipping foundation and only using concealer when necessary only works if you have a near-perfect complexion. And even then your concealer should perfectly match your skin tone. Also remember to apply sparingly, in very thin layers.
  • It is not possible to cover up skin problems such as pimples, brown spots or red birthmarks without seeing that you are wearing makeup. Even the best concealers have their limitations.

How to apply concealer

Regardless of the type of concealer you’re using, the application techniques are usually the same. For most skin types, it’s important to prepare your surface moisturizer (use a light foundation so makeup doesn’t slip and run off your face) or a foundation primer. If you have normal to oily skin, cream moisturizing liquid or light liquid with a soft matte finish will give you the best results.

Some people find it best to apply concealer and then foundation, while others find the opposite to achieve optimal results. With the exception of foundation, this is a personal decision as there is no absolute right way.

Dab concealer on discolored skin, dark areas or skin imperfections with a clean finger, brush or sponge and gently blend until there is no clear line between concealer. and your skin or foundation.

Liquid, cream, or powder concealers should not be applied over foundation as they can clumpy and look speckled. If you use powder foundation, apply concealer first, let it dry and then apply foundation.

Finish by applying concealer with a light layer of powder or pressed powder. Matte concealer doesn’t need to be combined with powder as that can make it look or feel too dry, but you can experiment and see how your matte concealer looks. and long lasting without powder.

When applying concealer to under-eye areas, try using a concealer with a radiant finish or add a luminescent highlighter on top for a light-reflecting finish that further camouflages areas. shadow.

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