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Watch leather strap is the most widely used material in replacement watch bands, natural pattern, comfortable nature roof and being skin-friendly have kept them at the forefront of watch straps over the centuries, with up to 80% of watches using leather straps as their first strap option.

How long does a watch strap last?

Well, like everything else, it depends. The material it is made of and the conditions in which you place the strap will determine its lifespan. Even an inexpensive leather strap can last for many years when it is well cared for, like in cool, dry climates with low humidity.

Conversely, the best leather will also quickly repel sweat and moisture. On the other hand, how do you wear it? If you wear it for hard work or sports occasions, and if you wear it every day, it will wear off faster.

Individuals who like the leather look suffer, having to keep it clean and dry, applying a little oil will also help. Then I make sure I only wear the leather strap when the conditions aren’t too extreme. If you are prepared to sweat, you should buy metal stainless steel straps, nylon NATO straps đai or a rubber strap.

Aside from the material it uses and how you wear it, the buckle face also affects its longevity. On average, a strap with a butterfly pusher will last longer than a strap with a pin buckle.

The quality of the construction and base material, as well as the thickness of the strap material, all have an effect on wear. From a skilled craftsman’s point of view, softer leathers, like ostrich leather, will wear out faster than harder or more durable leathers.

Which type of leather strap is the most durable?

So, which type of watch band is more durable? 1 is the best, 4 is the last.

1, Metal Watch Strap

2,Nylon or textile watch band

3, Silicone watch band

4, Leather watch band

Very funny, isn’t it? Watch straps are the last place on the durable list, but it doesn’t change its situation that people still take watch straps as their first choice. The colors and textures make them never out of style and never far from classic.

Personally, I like to keep the leather watch band and the silicone watch band and swap them out on different occasions, because I think leather watch bands are the best business style choice and the strap silicone is the most comfortable option I have ever had. Are silicone watch bands more durable? yes, that’s acceptable for me.

In the list, we found that the metal watch band is the most durable. Is metal watch band better than leather strap? It depends on the winter, I don’t think you want to wear a metal band.


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