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Cream concealer cover blemishes and skin imperfections. They brighten dark, glossy areas and create an even, smooth complexion when combined with cream for background your. Learn how to tell the difference between creams concealer Best for your skin type and skin problem.


Liquid form is available with satin, shimmer or matte finishes. Matte finish will last longer than satin finish. However, satin can look more natural, especially on areas dry skin than. Glitter foundation is the best choice for your under-eye area, as it will highlight them.

  • For normal skin, combination skin, oily skin or sensitive skin and acne prone skin.
  • Flexible because you can decide how much coverage you want.
  • Great for covering blemishes as it doesn’t cake. Very little risk of exacerbating breakouts, unlike cream concealers.

Ingot form

Available in matte and more commonly used satin. Both have long lasting strength and will not crack or bleed. After mixing concealer with satin finish, you need to apply a thin layer of powder to prolong the retention time.

  • Has a semi-solid creamy texture (comparable to lipstick) and is often pigmented.
  • Perfect for normal, dry or sensitive skin.
  • You can choose how much coverage you want, from medium to full.

Cream form

Available in cream or satin, comes in a small jar or palette. For medium to full coverage. Provides better coverage than liquid concealers because of its thicker texture and opaque pigments.

  • Ideal for normal, dry or sensitive skin.
  • Choose your own coverage, from medium to full.
  • Perfect for under your eyes.
  • A great option for concealing dark spots such as melasma (also known as mask pregnancy) or birthmark.

Powder form

Usually sold as a powder concealer/compression, you apply it with a sponge for a smooth, matte finish.

  • Ideal for normal, slightly dry, combination or sensitive skin.
  • You can choose how much coverage you want, from light to medium.
  • It is very pleasant to use because of its creamy texture, which makes it easy to apply evenly.

Color Correcting Concealer

Apply this cream under your foundation to neutralize its unnatural color. You can also combine it with a concealer of the same skin tone. When applying foundation, you will hardly notice the color-correcting concealer underneath.

  • Best suited for skin tone problems (blue circles under the eyes or persistent redness).
  • Usually sold as a cream or bar. The liquid option is usually transparent or can be easily made transparent by mixing it in.
  • You can choose your coverage level, from transparent to full.

Be careful when using this concealer because covering up one skin problem can create another. Green concealer can cover up flushed skin, but can result in a green undertone under your foundation. Practice for a perfect result.

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