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‍Are you feeling annoyed and frustrated by your curly, frizzy hair? Want to straighten your hair but are afraid to go to the hair salon? You want to comfortably style every time you travel, go out with friends and lovers? Look for a good quality hair clipper to meet your needs. According to the share, you should choose the type with many heat levels, compact size and reasonable price.

Key features to pay attention to when using a hair straightener

Variable temperature setting: this is useful if you plan to use your device. Lower temperatures work best for fine hair, while thick hair may require more heat to be effective.

+ Ion technology: when there is too much positive charge on each hair, the hairs will start to repel each other, making the hair become static and fly away. This technology helps to neutralize the charge, instead straightening the hair.

+ Ceramic plate: will usually heat up more slowly than other materials, but plate Porcelain helps distribute heat more evenly. The price of plate Porcelain is cheap, but more prone to chipping.

+ Titanium / metal plate: heats up very quickly and often costs quite a bit if you have to repair this part in Machine hairpin. Improper use can also cause damage to the radiator. Therefore, you should only use the Machine hairpin on your curls in just a few seconds at a time.

+ Ceramic coated disc: usually has a metal base covered with a ceramic layer. The outer layer can rot and wear out over time, but Machine hairpin with a good quality ceramic coated plate will last at least three years if properly maintained.

+ Additional accessories: types Machine hairpin higher priced may come with accessories such as gloves and carrying case.

How to choose the best hair straightener suitable for all hair types

Machine hairpin

Silky hair: Look for ceramic plates that distribute heat more evenly and gently. Use a lower temperature setting to minimize heat damage to hair.

Curly Hair: Ion technology is a must to prevent water and moisture from “tumbling” your hair, thereby creating extra frizz.

Thick hair: Thicker hair will save you time and reduce heat damage. Metal sheets will give you the best and longest lasting results.

Afro hair (4A-4C curly hair types): Consider ceramic coated plates, which offer a good balance between efficiency and protection. Machine hairpin Steam is a good alternative for effective styling with little damage.

How to prevent damage to your hair after using a hair straightener

Hair is thinnest when it’s wet, so make sure it’s completely dry before styling it with heat. Wet hair can only withstand temperatures of 40-60C, but dry (undamaged) hair can withstand temperatures up to 185C. Also, remember to always use hair protection spray, serum hair care to hair repair Be healthy after stretching! Finally, after straightening your hair at home, remember to carefully cover your hair every time you go out, to limit the condition that your hair becomes increasingly dry, split ends!

Use Machine hairpin It will definitely give you the result of a straight, desirable hair. However, do not overdo the use of this hair care device because of that, let your hair have time to “rest”, recover after being affected by heat or the environment. it’s harmful!

Reference source: goodhousekeeping

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