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Many people are concerned that when wearing leather strap watches Going swimming may cause this accessory to be damaged, get into the water… And this makes them hesitate to decide whether to buy them or not. This article will help you get rid of this dilemma.

Nowadays, the waterproof technology of watches has improved so much, a lot of people have at least one dive watch in their collection. But the question is can we go swimming or shower with a leather watch strap? The answer is you better not.

No matter underwater, swimming, raining or showering, the life of the watch strap will be shorter. Water will slowly break down the inside of the strap glue, and even if the strap remains in shape by the stitches, the strap end can come apart after the glue breaks and damage the entire strap. Moreover, Leather will mold if it is not dry.

How long does a watch strap last?

How do I prevent my watch band from smelling?

Once you start wearing the leather watch band, you will notice that your lovely leather band has a very strong smell, especially after getting wet. And it gets worse after you wear it to the gym and then in an area with high temperatures. How do we prevent it?

1, Avoid wearing your leather watch band from strenuous activity;

2, Avoid your watch leather band getting wet and try to keep it dry;

3, Find an alternative watch strap like metal or rubber band when you need to workout

4, Take it off when doing housework. Chemicals from cleaning products will break down faster.

5. Prevent it from perfumes, perfumes or creams directly.

How long does a watch strap last?

How to care for your watch strap?

What should we do when the leather strap is wet? And how to take care of leather straps in daily life?

  1. Clean only with cold water and use towel soft to dry completely. Remember not to use any strong heat source or place it in the sun.
  2. Use the same cream or oil as you would polish your shoes and SOFA on the watch band, making sure you are using a neutral (colorless) cream.
  3. Add some exchange clock bands. Look for some quick release watch bands that allow you to easily change the strap for different outfits and prolong the life of the band.
  4. Add one more hole with a hole puncher if your strap is too tight. The right size not only makes you comfortable roof but also release the stress on the belt and prolong its life.
  5. Choose a watch strap material that suits your lifestyle. If your life or work conditions are hot and active all the time, choose a stronger strap, such as an alligator strap, fabric watch band or calf leather watch band. you better not choose sheepskin or ostrich leather straps.


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