Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

What is the trending nail trend on Tiktok? Discover the top 6 with Thetips beautiful nail art you should not ignore. Especially this nail style is extremely simple and can be done at home!

Beautiful nail art with overlapping circles

This is a very simple but very viral nail art on tiktok in 2021. You don’t need fancy paint or you can do it yourself at home. Just 2 black and white circles overlapping each other, you have completed the trending nail style.

Dream cloud nail trend

Beautiful nail art Dream cloud shape is very trendy. Just paint on top of the blue polish and just use white acrylic paint to paint the clouds. Draw more or less clouds or decorate more depending on your taste and ingenuity

Make life more fun with this easy smiley face manicure. nail designs This is sure to cheer you up. Paint circles at the tips of your nails, paint your face creatively with your favorite facial expressions.

Checkerboard nail design trends

You can totally make this trendy checkerboard design yourself at home. Type Beautiful nails painted This may require a bit of patience but you will certainly do it. All you need is a super thin brush and a jar Paint your favorite shade and create a checkerboard design.

Color nail polish

This is the type of paint that is a nail trend that is loved by many girls this summer. You can choose any outstanding summer colors such as mint green, lemon yellow, avocado green, etc. to adorn this wonderful nail set. This beautiful nail art is sure to turn you into an elegant summer girl.

Colorful wavy nail art

This is a nail design that calls you summer with irregular wavy lines. It’s simple, you just need to use your favorite paint colors and draw wavy lines to complete the hot nail trend on tiktok.

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