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Everyone wants to have a perfect, beautiful and whiter skin. Wondering how to get white skin naturally? Try these effective natural sun-free facial whitening treatments and get glowing pink skin soon.

Skin whitening serum

How to whiten face skin naturally without sunburn

The whitening essence contains a higher concentration of other active ingredients. Therefore, serum will reach the deeper layers of the skin. The whitening serum contains a high concentration of nourishing ingredients, helping to restore moisture and elasticity to the skin. Also regulates excess oil production. Compared to creams lotion Facial serum, containing only 5-10% active ingredients, whitening serum contains up to 70%, helps to enhance moisture, brighten skin and prevent acne more effectively.

How to whiten your face naturally without sunburn thanks to the use of active ingredients Arbutin

Want to have a lighter skin tone but are afraid of using harmful chemicals that can harm your skin? Arbutin is an extract from the Bearberry tree, which helps to remove skin pigmentation and whiten the skin. Effective in treating sunburn and correcting melanogenesis.

Retinol Ingredients

Retinol (Vitamin A) is the main vitamin used to treat damaged skin. Retinol helps to trigger cell division in the skin and thus helps to regenerate and exfoliate the skin. Another benefit of using retinol is that it encourages collagen production and stimulates mitotic activity. Therefore, retinol will give you a white and wrinkle-free skin.

Chemical Peel

This is one of the How to whiten face naturally without sunburn most popular today. Chemical peels are treatments in which active ingredients are used to exfoliate dead skin cells that are darkened and discolored. Effective in treating facial imperfections of uneven pigmentation and wrinkles. Chemical peels bring total skin rejuvenation and return you to a radiant white skin.

How to whiten face naturally without sunburn from Vitamin C

Every woman wants to have perfect skin. But sometimes the fear of the side effects, which accompanies harmful chemical treatments, holds us back. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a natural alternative to other skin bleaching products. You can take it orally or apply it topically. Vitamin C helps to make the skin firmer and more elastic and is great at repairing your skin. From there, this active ingredient will give you a beautiful, flawless glowing skin if persistently used.

Face whitening creams

In addition, the method that many people apply is the regular use of whitening creams that can result in the desired whitening of the skin. However, you need to be careful when buying these whitening creams. Avoid creams that contain too much hydroquinone or mercury as they can harm your skin and lead to dry, premature aging in the long run.

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