Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

You are looking for 1 type eyeliner no smearing, no drifting for sweltering summer days? Don’t worry, the following article will introduce you to 5 types eyeliner no smudge, no drift for her. Please refer!

1. SIGMA BEAUTY Long Wear eyeliner Pencil

This smudge-free pencil is one of my all-time favorite eyeliner pencils, made with an easier-to-use twist tip – just swipe, twist and reapply for style. make up perfect eye whenever you need. With a paraben or sulfate free formula, you can count on this eyeliner pencil to keep your eyeliner for at least 8 hours without needing to reapply.

2. COSMETICS SMASHBOX Always On Gel Eye Liner

Although classic black eyeliner is very popular, sometimes you just need a little color to complete your eye makeup look. This long-wearing gel eyeliner comes in a range of gorgeous, skin-tone shades – from blue to champagne. So whether you’re smoky or vibrant eyeshadow, this pencil eyeliner will look amazing and won’t last as long as 24 hours. Apply it along your lashes or the waterline in short strokes to your heart’s content (it’s also one of our favorite waterproof primers for smooth and effortless wear).

3. BUXOM COSMETICS Holds Waterproof Eyeliner Line™

This waterproof eyeliner has the same, long-lasting ink color as the best gel eyeliners. Plus, this waterproof eyeliner comes in a variety of bright colors, like bright blue and forest green. If you’re looking for a softer look, simply use an eyeshadow brush to apply primer along your lashes. No matter how you apply your makeup, this eye pencil is the right choice for you to get vibrant, waterproof color with just a little shimmer.

4. MAC COSMETICS Pro Longwear Eye Liner

There’s a reason many makeup artists trust MAC. This creamy gel lip pencil is one of them. It goes so smoothly, you’ll be amazed at the flawless look of the cat’s eyes – and it doesn’t drift for up to 12 hours, only one type make-up remover good can be completely removed. And while you don’t have to worry about smudging, it’s also been ophthalmologist tested, meaning that if you have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses, they won’t be irritated.

5. VASANTI COSMETICS Kajal Waterline Eyeliner Pencil

Anything liquid eyeliner can do, this silky kohl eyeliner can do better. In fact, it’s specifically designed to comfortably glide along your waterline without smudging for an instantly clear, glamorous eye makeup look. It’s also vegan and contains no harsh chemicals so it won’t irritate your eyes. Have you ever used black eyeliner before? Experiment with maroon, slate gray, or glacial blue on your top or bottom lashes (or why not both?) and see what a little pop of color can do.


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