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If you want a look that matches your skin tone, choose shades that match your skin tone. You can also use eye color yourself and choose combinations that suit your look pretty your natural! Have fun experimenting with color combinations eyeshadow vary until you find the makeover that best suits your style!

1. Accentuate your blue eyes with soft corals and champagnes

Keep blue eyes the focal point of your look by complimenting them with soft, sunny colors. Try to make your eyeshadow pop in the light, but not so strong that it detracts from your natural skin tone.

If you have specific color preferences, choose the softest, most muted shade. Try to avoid blue makeup, or your eyes may drift.

2. Color Matching smoky gray and purple to accentuate your green eyes

Don’t look for overly bright colors when trying out new combinations. Keep your green eyes the focal point of your look by combining purple and smoky gray along the lid and brow bone. If you want to add some additional tones, try including silver.

Look out for eyeshadow palettes that come in many shades of gray, as well as different shades of purple. Don’t choose particularly bold colors, because your eyes are already bright enough.

3. Highlight gray eyes with a blend of light purple and gray

Choose smoke gray Easy to blend, focus the shadow around your wrinkles and brow bone area. Pair this muted tone with a deep blue or purple for a subtle yet striking look. Gray eyes are not always noticeable. So you don’t want your eyelids and brow bones to steal attention from your eyes.

4. Mix Brown Light and bold to complement your brown eyes

Pursue a monochromatic look by combining light and dark browns for a natural, blended look. Try brushing a little rusty eyeshadow along your lashes to create a warm and balanced look. When you add this smudge, you’ll make the subtle blobs on your brown eyes more noticeable. Try adding some strokes to the brown eyeshadow using liquid eyeliner.

5. Mix earth colors if you have hazel eyes

Don’t be discouraged if you have hazel eyes – despite all the natural colors on your eyes, you still have a wide selection of colors for an effective eye color. Try combining soothing shades, light blue and dark blue with metallic browns and golds.

If you want a less flashy look, choose matte gold instead. You can also add brown to the mix to complement your eyes.

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