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Looking to learn a few basic photography rules and tips for the best selfies? Read the following article to know how to take photos selfie “quality than distilled water” brings “virtual live” photos on Facebook, not everyone can do it!

1. Pay attention to the background when taking selfies

Your background can be a white bedroom wall, wall pictures, mirror of the lobby of the apartment building, you need to pay attention to neatly arrange everything before “clicking”!

Whether you’re taking a selfie at the park, home, or even the grocery store, try to do it against a colorful, eye-catching backdrop. It could be an apple display at the store that will look great when you have the right angle. If you’re not feeling creative at the moment, there are other options. Tools for photoshop applications on smartphone will allow you to change the background of any photo. Replace your “boring” background with any of the options with patterns, sparkles, cute shapes, etc. All in your smartphone app!

2. Be confident

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A selfie is best when you really show confidence in the picture. Therefore, use body language and sharp eyes to make yourself more attractive in the photo. Therefore, confidence is what you need to cultivate and work hard when taking the most creative, unique photos!

3. Should or should not turn on lamp flash when taking selfie?

Sometimes it’s a necessity to produce your best selfies, and other times it can be a nightmare.

Flash is known to make people’s eyes red and even make your skin look whiter. However, there are still cases where you still need to use flash, especially when your shooting location is in a dark area or there is too much darkness.

However, if you still really have to shoot flash in very dark places, you can also try using two flashes: the first one which helps to dilate the eyes (and prevent red-eye) and the second one. will create a perfectly balanced light and color of your photo.

4. Leverage your strengths

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You’ve tried tilting the camera all the way, but what about your stance?

People often have “advantages” – the part of their face that they prefer when take a selfie. It could be the right corner of your face, where you can show off a straight nose bridge, or it could be the left side of your face, where acne is less common.

And if you’re confident with the angle of your face that you see in the mirror, you’ll also be more than satisfied with the overall result of the photo.

5. Get inspired when taking selfies to create unique, creative photos

Do your followers expect to see something interesting and different in the pictures you take every day? So how do you get people’s attention?

You need to be inspired every time you come up with a selfie idea. If you feel exhausted of ideas, you can “imitate” after celebrity selfies or “follow” the current selfie trends that are “storming” on the web. Social Network.

take a selfie

OOTD of celebrities, how are KOLs? How do they often put “quality” captions to provoke debate from people? How do they do their makeup? What are the shooting angles or lighting controls that they often use? With just a little flair, you can immediately learn how to take a beautiful selfie in just “one note”.

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