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Along with the development of 4.0 technology, online delivery services are gradually dominating thanks to their quickness and convenience. Customers often wonder about choosing between online delivery by motorbike and truck. How is the difference between online courier by motorbike and truck? Refer to the following article to choose the right goods!

1. What’s the difference between online delivery service by truck and fast shipment by motorbike?

1.1 The difference in the means of online delivery

Should choose online delivery service by motorbike or truck?
Freight courier (Source: Internet)

The first difference is between the two This is a means of transportation, one side uses a motorbike and the other uses large trucks. Unlike trucks, the freight motorbikes will be equipped with additional vehicles to be able to online delivery easier eg cartons, straps.

1.2 Online delivery time difference

Should choose online delivery service by motorbike or truck?
Online delivery time between motorbike and truck (Source: Internet)

Online delivery By motorbike has the advantage of time when delivery within close distance, such as Saigon, due to the small size of motorcycles, easily pass through the alleys. Besides, motorbike is also the most popular means of transportation in Vietnam. This is equivalent to the team work by motorbike is always ready to pick up and send the goods quickly to the receiver.

However, if it is suburban delivery or a long distance location, the motorbike will face many problems. At this time, trucks with the ability to run long distances as well as the ability to hold large cargo will be more convenient and quick.

1.3 Volume of motorcycle and truck courier online

Should choose online delivery service by motorbike or truck?
The volume of goods delivered between motorbikes and trucks varies (Source: Internet)

In terms of cargo volume, online delivery by truck will have an advantage over motorbike. Trucks have large cargo space possible bulky, large in size. In contrast, motorcycles have to rely on the means of delivery assistance and can only carry goods of small volume and size.

1.4 Different cost of online delivery by motorbike

Should choose online delivery service by motorbike or truck?
Freight costs (Source: Internet)

By motorbike is less than the cost of transporting by truck because motorcycles are mainly transported at close distance with small, compact goods. The investment and maintenance fee for motorbikes is also much less than that of trucks. However, the fee for the services is charged online delivery By motorbike, there are still many shortcomings due to the lack of consensus among different transport units, affecting the choice of .

1.5 Different preferential policies for online delivery

Should choose online delivery service by motorbike or truck?
Preferential delivery policies (Source: Internet)

Both types of services online delivery By truck and motorbike, there are many different preferential policies for users. Depending on the type of product and the type of service that the customer chooses, the unit will offer various attractive incentives such as discount on delivery deals or value-added services: check-in, storage, …

2. Should choose online delivery service by motorbike or truck?

Should choose online delivery service by motorbike or truck?
Should choose online delivery by motorbike or truck? (Source: Internet)

Both types , Hanoi and this country both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Customers, distributors or shop owners can rely on their requirements to choose the means of transport.

Online delivery By motorbike saves time, fast, low cost freight, very suitable for short distance delivery with small, compact goods. However, the distributors need to pay attention to choosing reputable carriers with affordable prices due to their freight charges By motorbike, the market fluctuates according to the market and at peak hours.

Delivery by truck is suitable for bulky goods, large size and weight, need to deliver in remote and suburban areas. However, the transit time of truck delivery service will be longer, the cost also higher than delivery by motorbike.

Above are useful information about two types of services online delivery by motorbike and truck. If you still do not have options for yourself, you can try to explore our services .

3. Fast online delivery unit, good price, prestige, conscientiousness NTX – Nhat Tin Express

Should choose online delivery service by motorbike or truck?
Economical online delivery unit (Source: NTX – Nhat Tin Express)

It is one of the few shipping units that provide the service Fast reputation, economical delivery,, … Guarantee prompt delivery time on request. Time to send intercity courier at no more than 3 days with many attractive offers. As a result, shops can be assured of the most suitable business plan as well as a commitment to fast delivery time to increase their competitive advantage.

With you can get and control the status of your order easily and quickly through Nhat Tin Express. If want more information about Courier services For NTX, you can access the service price list or contact hotline 1900 63 8080 for advice.

NTX -, Saigon and nationwide are reputable carriers, providing a wide range of services online delivery with attractive value-added incentives such as storage or co-inspection. The cost of delivery service at NTX is economical, good and reasonable. Besides, It is also the first delivery unit in Vietnam to put into business the model of Mobile Post Office in Vietnam with convenience and speed. Contact hotline 1900 63 8080 for advice and immediately!

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