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The living room is the main space, the “face” of a house. And how to beautiful living room layout is an important condition to create comfort and sophistication for the space. Together, refer to ideas to help you easily arrange and arrange a reasonable living room, in accordance with your needs while still meeting the aesthetics, modernity and trend of 2021.

Principles of living room interior layout

Door position

Each living room will have a different type of door design. If the living room has 2 doors, one door for the entrance and one door to connect with another space, you should note that the aisle between the two doors should not be the main entrance. Moreover, the aisle also needs to be spacious, comfortable and easy to move. In another case, the living room has only 1 door, then the way beautiful living room layout that is, placing tables and chairs facing the door.

Living room size

The living room size is also an important criterion beautiful living room layout. Depending on the size of the room, you can choose the right size furniture that is both balanced with the space and suitable for use. If the living room is small, you choose to make the interior too large, it will make the space become cramped, affecting the general living.

Reasonable interior layout of the living room helps the living room become more comfortable and modern

Color and light

The color of the living room is the dominant color of the entire space. In order for the space to become harmonious and suitable with feng shui, you need to adhere to the principles of color matching. For example, you can choose from a darker floor color, a lighter wall paint color, and a lightest ceiling color. Wall paint color you should prioritize to choose bright and gentle colors such as lemon yellow, light green to bring comfort. Light, light-colored ceilings will make the room brighter, spacious and more comfortable.

Besides color, light is also a factor to note beautiful living room layout. Ideally, you should make the most of natural light to limit the use of lights during the day. In order to be able to use the natural light source, many families have designed glass walls. However, with this design you should also combine the use of thick curtains to shade the sun.

Natural light brings airiness to the living room space

Arrange furniture in a reasonable way

The proper arrangement of things in the room is also one way beautiful living room layout. For example, the furniture or sofa set will be placed in the center of the room, the distance between the chairs or the middle and the extra seats should also be calculated to ensure convenient and easy movement. Also, the distance from seat to shelf television It should also be considered to both watch television programs and not too close to protect the health of the eyes.

The layout of the living room is beautiful, feng shui


The main door of the house is a place to receive many good sources of vitality from the outside. Therefore, the corridor in front of the door should be kept clean and free of obstructions for easy circulation of air sources. The best location of the living room is located right at the door, both convenient for travel and feng-shui.


Living room should follow a square or rectangular layout. With this layout, to beautiful living room layout the furniture should be placed in the middle of the house, and the seats should also be placed not under the beams or beams. If the living room has an L-shaped layout then you can use a suitable partition or interior layout so that the living room becomes a rectangular layout.

Nice living room layout and convenient for living


Mirror is an accessory that helps you to expand the living room effectively, especially in narrow spaces. Thanks to that, the room will be in so spacious, brighter and more airy. In addition, arranging mirrors in the living room will also help the air source to circulate easily. In particular, for living rooms that are not square, L-shaped or have many beveled corners, using a reflective mirror will also help improve the space, obscuring the hidden corners in the room.

Decorative accessories

Nice living room layout also indispensable accessories. However, when choosing decorative accessories, you should avoid sharp items such as animal horns, swords, and swords because these often mean bad things and are not safe for family members. . You should also say no to violent pictures, pictures … because these pictures will make the living room lose the inherent peace and closeness.

A few suitable decorative accessories make the living room truly impressive

The layout of the interior of a beautiful and modern living room 2021

Layout of living room in level 4 house

Decoration style: You can choose any style you like for the living room, but it should be suitable for the space. Way beautiful living room layout For common level 4 houses, it is a minimalist but modern style.

Decorating material: For the living room of level 4 house, you should choose simple and elegant decorations to create a light and pleasant feeling for everyone. In addition, the space decoration materials also need to ensure durability, such as to create color for the space you can use paint, wallpaper, plywood.

Furniture: Furniture for the living room of level 4 house has many options, but the interior size should be balanced with the space area, gentle colors. You can choose from wooden, rattan or sofa furniture.

Color: Depending on the area of ​​the living room of level 4, you can choose from different paint colors. Small living rooms should choose screen colors such as white, light green, light yellow. The interior of the room can choose a color that contrasts with the main color gamut.

The light: To beautiful living room layout For level 4 houses, the light also needs to be focused. Living room should design large windows and doors to use natural light.

Small living room layout

Expanding space for a small living room

Decoration style: Minimalism style is the best choice for small living rooms. You should minimize unnecessary objects to help the room become more spacious and tidy.

Furniture: With small living rooms, large-sized furniture is definitely not the right choice. Instead, you should choose sofa models with many removable chairs to use when you need to combine with a small glass tea table. Furthermore, the color of the interior should choose for a small living room is a light color, which can be similar to the color of the wall or floor. The height of the items should also be just right to help the room become more balanced and airy.

Decoration: A small living room will become more impressive if you know how to choose the right décor. You can use pictures, photos with bright colors, simple vignettes to accentuate the space.

The light: Nice living room layout With rooms with a small area, natural light is the factor that you should not ignore. This light source is not only good for health but also helps improve the area of ​​the room significantly.

Color: Bright colors are the optimal choice for small living spaces. Bright colors will make the room feel more spacious and airy. In addition, if you want the room to be impressive, you can use a contrasting color as the main color of the space with the color of the furniture.

Mirror: Using a large mirror in the living room will help the room have depth, expand the space, and help reflect light better. However, you should also save the selection of the mirror frame shape and color to suit the style of the living room.

Beautiful living room layout

Beautiful living room layout ideas

Style: Style beautiful living room layout is very diverse, depending on the preferences and needs of the family. Some suggestions for you to choose are Scandinavian style, Retro style, neoclassical style, modern style, … If Scandinavian style is towards simplicity, modernity, bringing freedom and youth In the middle and dynamic, the Retro style tends to be nostalgic, the neoclassical style is gentle and luxurious, …

Furniture: Interior selection and beautiful living room layout should match the living room style and bring comfort to the user. In addition to the furniture or sofa, you can choose a few more necessary furniture such as television shelves, bookshelves, … You should also take note to avoid overusing too many items because it will make the space cramped, photos affect living.

Color: Living room wall paint color and floor color should be in harmony, can be the same color and vary in intensity. If the living room is large, you will be comfortable choosing the paint color of the wall, but if the living room is narrow, you should choose bright paint colors.

Decorative accessories: Using decorative pictures will help the room become more impressive and prominent. Gentle pictures will help you relax every time you return home. In addition, when beautiful living room layout Do not forget to combine trees to make the room more intimate and lively.

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