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Roofing is a popular type of roof used in civil construction. Using the heat-resistant sheet metal roof helps prevent radiation from the outside environment, keeping the indoor temperature stable. So where is insulation panels The best anti-hot today? Join Vinh Tuong to find out right in the following article!

Why should we use heat-resistant insulation for corrugated iron?

Heat resistance for corrugated iron roofs is a mandatory requirement. Especially in climates that are subject to deeply high or low temperatures.

When using insulation pads Under the corrugated iron roof, the indoor temperature is always maintained at a stable level to ensure living and working life. Normally, when installing the insulation, the internal ambient temperature will be reduced by 7-8 degrees Celsius when the sun is hot. Or keep the room temperature always warm in the cold season

In addition, some types of heat-resistant sheet metal roof also have sound-proof ability, helping to keep the space quieter.

On the one hand, using an insulation sheet for the corrugated iron roof helps balance temperature stability, ensuring the health of members in the house. On the other hand, the product helps to increase the life of other building items.

With reasonable cost, easy to install, save time and use insulating silver plate is completely possible for families. In addition, the product does not generate harmful gases, affecting health, and is friendly with the living environment.

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Top 3 heat-resistant materials for effective roofing

1. Cotton insulation

Insulation cotton (vitreous) is composed of small, solid glass fibers. Combined with some other metals, glass wool has good sound insulation ability for the building .. Therefore, this is a product that makes heat-resistant insulation panels for corrugated iron roofs.

Currently, there are two types of vitreous cotton which are silver layer and no silver layer. They are large in size, can be rolled up for easy transport.

In addition, glass wool also has advantages such as light weight, good elasticity, softness … It is used to insulate cold systems, ventilation, soundproofing, bars, schools …

Besides the above advantages, vitreous cotton has a relatively high price. Want good insulation or sound insulation requires large volumes. When applying, itching and stinging discomfort.

2. Use foam

Advantages: cheap, easy to construct and transport

Besides glass wool, foam insulation is a good insulation material widely used in the market. Insulation foam has a variety of types, such as ESP, OPP or XPS. The vast majority of these types of foam are light weight, easy to transport and apply, and relatively good in sound and heat insulation. In addition, foam is also cheaply used for wall cladding, insulation equipment, concrete floor pouring …

Compared with many other types of heat-resistant sheet metal roof, foam has lower durability and insulation coefficient, low aesthetics.

3. Use heat-resistant airbag insulation for the corrugated iron roof

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A third material that Vinh Tuong would like to introduce to you is sheet air bag insulation. Compared to the two above products, air bags for insulation are more popular.

Normally, the air bag insulation sheet will be composed of 1 layer of aluminum or 2 layers of aluminum, containing the PE insulation air bags. Depending on the structure, the product can be divided into many categories. These include: P1, P2, A1, A2.

The outstanding advantage of the insulating air bag is its good thermal insulation, preventing heat radiation from 95-97%. Not only that, the product also has sound insulation to reduce noise from 60-70%. Moreover, they have great durability and waterproof, thus ensuring a long life for the project.

In addition, the product has a relatively good price, suitable for the budget of many Vietnamese families. Easy to transport, install and highly aesthetically pleasing.

Vinh Tuong air bag insulation sheet P2 – an effective solution to heat-resistant corrugated iron roof


– Good thermal insulation, superior to similar products on the market. Thanks to the 2-layer structure of MPET aluminum silver combined with high-grade PE airbag, Vinh Tuong P2 airbag insulation sheet product is the perfect solution to effectively prevent heat from the roof.

– High durability, good anti-puncture and tear resistance, ensure integrity during construction and installation and increase longevity for the project.

– High gloss, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging and UV rays from the sun make it easy and long to damage.

– Waterproof thanks to 2 layers of silver 2 sides to help waterproof and moisture effectively.

– Light weight, easy to transport, fast construction, save time and other costs incurred.

– Does not contain harmful substances, especially asbestos, which affects health, is friendly to the natural living environment.

Construction instructions:

Construction sheet roof hot insulation will be performed according to the following steps:

For existing corrugated iron roofs:

Step 1. Use a brace and cap nail to temporarily fix Vinh Tuong P2 airbag insulation sheet under the purlin. Then, scale and stretch the sheet into a secure position.

Step 2. Connect the insulation sheets of Vinh Tuong P2 airbag together in the way 5cm stacked with tape. Please continue to do it in sequence until the end.

For new roofing corrugated iron:

Step 1. Clean the top and edge purlins and stick the double-sided tape. Place the air bag insulation sheet on purlins, stretch and fix with double-sided tape or cap nails at top and edge purlin.

Step 2. Place the sheet on the P2 plate and fix it with the dedicated screw. Stick the double-sided tape along the edge of the plate to link with the other by placing 5cm eyelids. Please continue to do it in sequence until the end.

Above are the advantages and instructions for construction of heat-resistant insulation panels for corrugated iron roofs. All details about insulation sheet pricesProduct features, please contact via:

Customer care switchboard: 18001218



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