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Working capital in business is always a concern of any business from small to large. For individual businesses and online shops, good working capital management can help save costs and increase profits. So what is working capital in online business? How does HCM’s prestigious courier service affect online business? Together with NTX – learn about the prestigious express delivery service in Ho Chi Minh City and its impact on working capital in business.

1. What is working capital? The relationship between HCMC’s reputable courier and working capital

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Working capital in online business is what? (Source: Internet)

Working capital in online business is a measurement concept of the liquidity of online shops and distributors. Working capital includes cash, liabilities, inventories, and receivables that shop and distributor use for online business. Connection to service prestigious courier hcm Helping working capital management will involve:

  • Cash management: maintain enough cash for the shop and the distributor to pay for the day’s expenses.
  • Helping shops manage goods: impact on the value of the amount of goods in stock
  • Debt Management: the amount of money receivable from the sender or COD refund and the debt of the shop and the distributor when importing goods.

2. Prestige courier service in HCM and impact on working capital

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The courier service is reputable in HCM City and impacts on working capital (Source: Internet)

Working capital management is to help business operations run smoothly to maximize income. The main goal of working capital management in an online business is to ensure the highest working capital turnover. The formula for working capital turnover is equal to net sales divided by working capital. According to this formula, with the amount of assets used to invest in short-term business capital, if well rotated, it can generate a lot of revenue. This means that the business is more profitable.

For shops and distributors, when doing business online, if they want to maximize working capital, they must manage so that the amount of cash is maintained enough for their daily payment needs, and keep enough inventory. issuing orders, speeding up debt collection from shoppers. To be able to manage so well, the shop and the distributor require the unit prestigious courier hcm must have a preeminent information management information system, track inventory, amount of COD refund, order volume can be monitored well.

3. Effective capital turnaround method with reputable express delivery service in Ho Chi Minh City

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Effective capital turnaround method with reputable express delivery service in HCM (Source: Internet)

3.1 Inventory management

Online shops and distributors want to manage inventory the best, that is to manage orders on the system prestigious courier hcm effective. With each order delivered, the shop needs to know how much the collection and shipping cost for an order is, what item needs to buy the most to estimate the quantity of goods in the future, why the revenue in month is high, but cash is not enough to rotate capital. What kind of goods sell quickly or slowly.

With good information management system from Like NTX, the shop can access and record order information anytime, anywhere, can capture the number of orders and how their inventories are improving to improve their business.

3.2 Get a quick COD refund

When choosing a unit prestigious courier hcm With the ability to quickly check COD money, online shops and distributors will get a COD refund sooner. The sooner the money is returned to the shop’s account, the better the capital rotation of the shop.

3.3 Delivery speed of a reputable courier unit

The speed of delivery is fast is also a way to increase the effectiveness of successful single latches. Because the buyer always wants the item to be delivered early. For orders with long delivery times, the chance of cancelation and refund is higher. In contrast, the packages are As soon as possible, the chances of successful delivery will be higher and the shop will sell more items.

3.4 Choose a reputable express delivery service in HCM

Delivery unit must ensure the speed of delivery, but above all, the safety and the correct delivery of the goods. Should choose a reputable delivery unit because they will help you collect money, deliver your goods, keep the package from being damaged during delivery. Because if there is any problem of goods such as damaged, distorted, lost or mistakenly delivered goods, the last person to suffer damage is still the shop and the distributor.

4. Prestigious courier service HCM Nhat Tin Express – The optimal solution for your cash flow

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Prestigious courier service HCM Nhat Tin Express – An optimal solution for your cash flow (Source: NTX)

NTX 4.1 NTX – Nhat Tin Express refund COD within 24h

NTX offers a COD refund solution within 24 hours after the order is successfully delivered. This service is applicable to applications and Ho Chi Minh. So the shop can be assured of its cash prestigious courier hcm is deposited into the account as early as possible to continue trading. All information about the order such as COD refund, COD shipping cost will be updated fully and in detail on the system, so it is easy for the shop to check.

4.2 Shipping Nhat Tin Express offers free shipping service on behalf of (freeship COD)

free of charge for all orders in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. With this policy, shop and distributors can save a lot of money collection costs and optimize their business model by minimizing spending. .

4.3 Promotions and offers attractive words Nhat Tin Express Saigon

NTX -, Saigon and the whole country always bring shops and distributors many attractive promotions as well as the best policy to help you ship easily and quickly. Time to send express delivery at NTX is no more than 3 days with many attractive incentives.

Compensation policy is 100% on behalf of the collection, not more than 20 million VND / application if the shop and the distributor ensure verification requirements from the NTX. Support printing invoices for shops with orders sent at least 50 orders / day. Besides, free delivery 2 times after the first delivery for 03 consecutive days.

To optimize business efficiency, production shops and distributors need to know how to manage working capital to meet daily work. You can choose the service prestigious courier hcm in to meet the delivery, good order management, 24-hour COD cashback … and above all, the real-time monitoring and statistics system helps you evaluate your entire performance at its best. If want more information about of the You can access or contact hotline 1900 63 8080 for detailed advice.

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