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Heat insulation is a popular construction item for houses, offices, companies, factories. Usually, to insulation for the wall, ceilings often use good insulation. In particular, Vinh Tuong P2 airbag insulation sheet for home heat resistance is a favorite product for many people to use. With superior advantages such as good insulation, durable, and waterproof, the product has won the trust of users. So price of heat-resistant insulation sheet – What is Vinh Tuong P2 airbag insulation sheet?

Introduction of Vinh Tuong P2 heat-resistant insulation sheet

Vinh Tuong air bag insulation sheet P2 Product is used for ceiling, roof and wall lining produced by Vinh Tuong itself.

With the structure of a premium MPET aluminum coating on both front and back + plastic layers air bag insulation 10mm PE forms a highly effective insulation layer.

Like insulation panels Other heat resistant in the market, Vinh Tuong P2 airbag insulation sheet has large size, standard roll with 1.5mmx40mm. Therefore, when constructing the product is extremely quick and easy. In addition, this hot plate price is also affordable, suitable for many families’ budgets.

General information:

Manufacturer: Vinh Tuong

Product: Vinh Tuong air bag insulation sheet P2

Structure and specifications:

Structure MPET aluminum coating on 2 sides: Plastic layer of PE air bag with diameter of 10mm
Standard roll size 1.55mx 40m
Thickness 4mm +/- 0.3mm
Roll volume 15.5 +/- 0.3kg
Thermal conductivity ASTM C518 Up to 0.029 W / mK *
Tensile strength ASTM D638 > 1 Mpa
Tear strength ASTM D1004 > 2.00 N / mm
Elongation ASTM D638 > 40%
Puncture resistance ISO 13938-2 > 200kN / m
Aging by UV rays under hot and humid conditions ASTM G154 The membrane is not destroyed after 16 cycles

Application of Vinh Tuong P2 panels:

– Use as sheet roof hot insulation, roof tiles, ceilings;

Anti-hot wall of the house;

– Other applications: food preservation, car heat protection, insulation …

The reason to choose Vinh Tuong P2 heat-resistant insulation sheet?

Price of Vinh Tuong heat-resistant insulation sheet P2

With the climate in Vietnam, it is hot, humid, and rainy. insulating silver plate Vinh Tuong P2 airbag maximizes their outstanding advantages, specifically:

Bring cool to your home space. Thanks to the structure of 2 layers of MPET aluminum coating and PE plastic, the product has superior insulation compared to the same products on the market.

High durability, increase longevity for works. This heat-resistant insulation sheet has durable tear resistance and puncture resistance. In addition, thanks to the high-quality 2-sided MPET aluminum coating, it prevents wrinkles, stretches, anti-aging when facing hot and humid weather. In particular, the product is also resistant to UV rays that cause harm to buildings and human health.

High waterproof. Thanks to 2 MPET aluminum coating processing, Vinh Tuong P2 airbag insulation sheet provides high waterproof and waterproof ability. As a result, your project life is more guaranteed.

Fast and easy construction. With a large size, curled up, easy to carry, move, heatproof insulation helps the construction workers faster. From there, shorten construction time and save labor costs.

Safe for health, friendly with living environment, energy saving when reducing the temperature from 12 -22 degrees Celsius compared to the outdoors.

Price insulation pads corrugated iron roofs are relatively cheap.

Price list of heat-resistant insulation panels – thermal insulation panels of Vinh Tuong air bags P2

Price of thermal insulation sheet against heat of Vinh Tuong air bag P2

How much does insulation cost today?

The price of the heat-resistant insulation sheet – Vinh Tuong P2 airbag insulation sheet is affordable compared to the current market, you can contact the free customer care call center of Vinh Tuong 1800 1218 to get the most accurate quote up to the present time.


The price of heat-resistant insulation sheet – Vinh Tuong P2 airbag insulation sheet will not include VAT (value added tax) and will not be sold in retail form. And the above prices do not include shipping costs. Depending on your location, Vinh Tuong distribution centers will provide.


Currently, on the market there are many fake products of poor quality, please contact the switchboard or the official distribution center to choose the right product of Vinh Tuong as well as the price of the plate. the most accurate insulation.

Shopping guide

To buy heat insulation with an affordable price, please contact via:

Free customer care call center: 1800 1218 for detailed product instructions and advice



Source: Newspaper price of heat-resistant insulation sheet Vinh Tuong P2 airbag against heat for housing

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