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The bedroom is a private space to relax and rest after a hard working day. Refer now to modern bedroom furniture, small bedroom furniture by area as well as Nordic style bedroom furniture which is very popular as a trend that is favored by many people. Let Thetips explore the features of popular simple modern bedroom furniture as well as Nordic style through the article below.

Simple and modern bedroom furniture model, trend 2021

Sample of small bedroom furniture

Sample design for small bedroom 6m2

The small bedroom of 6m2 needs to make use of the maximum area to arrange the small bedroom furniture, helping the room to have the necessary functions and create a comfortable space for users.

Interior design bedroom 6m2
Design bedroom 6m2

Sample design for small bedroom 9m2

If your bedroom has space constraints, use multi-functional items such as nightstands, bed frames with drawers, or glass closets and closets that hold plenty of furniture.

Interior design for bedroom 9m2
Design bedroom 9m2

Design of modern bedroom interior design 12m2

Use natural light, or furniture with a light or neutral color such as gray, dark blue to create a spacious, airy room.

Sample bedroom interior design 12m2
Design bedroom 12m2

Simple, modern bedroom interior model 20m2

The design of the 20m2 bedroom will have more open space to decorate personal items, as well as decorate the room more nicely. JYSK suggests that with 20m2 bedroom designs, you can use picture frames, decorative frames

Sample bedroom interior design 20m2
Design bedroom 20m2

Nordic style bedroom interior design template

Modern simple bedroom interior design

With Nordic style or Scandinavian style, your bedroom will be designed according to three main criteria: simplicity in design, sophistication in color and usefulness in the function of each product.

That means, bedroom furniture Simple modern will not need to arrange too many widgets, but only focus on the essentials. Such as bed, wardrobe, blanket, pillow, dressing table. In addition, you can add picture frames or picture frames, plant pots, floor mats, bedroom lights … to create accents for the room more subtle.

Especially with this style, the room must be designed to ensure natural light, bring a feeling of closeness and comfort.

Nordic style bedroom interior design
Design of Nordic style bedroom furniture from JYSK products

Simple modern bedroom interior color

White is the dominant color gamut of Nordic style. However, besides pure white, you can decorate different monochrome colors such as cream, gray, black, light brown, ocean blue, … to create a highlight of modern bedroom furniture. simple.

Bedroom interior in neutral colors in Nordic style
Neutral colors in Nordic style of JYSK bed sheets

It is important when choosing colors for your design bedroom furniture is to be sensible, comfortable and pleasant. In addition to the main colors, you can choose from natural items such as light wood to bring life to the room.

Simple modern bedroom interior function

Because the Nordic style tends to be minimal, multi-functional items will be preferred. For example, a desk can also become a dressing table, a sofa can also become a bed, … The variety of functions is the uniqueness of products with stylish bedroom decorations. Small but convenient bedroom furniture.

Modern bedroom interior with multi-function wardrobe
Wardrobe with many compartments and utilities of JYSK

How to combine Nordic style bedroom furniture

Combine similar products

There are many ideas to choose from bedroom furniture Nordic style, depending on the preferences and desires of each person. One of the most common layouts is a combination of similar products. We can see many bedrooms with small bedroom furniture to decorative accessories in a deep tone such as brown, blue, gray, white, … Combination with similar products, With similar colors, complement each other will create harmony, comfort and sophistication.

For example, if you are someone who likes warm colors, then you should choose the main color color is light brown. From there, you will choose decorative items, furniture in harmony with the main color of the room such as wardrobes, bedside cabinets, light wooden dressing tables, light yellow floor coverings, window blinds. cream-colored, cream-colored sheets, …

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