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For online business, besides the quality of goods, the shipping issue also has a significant impact on the customer experience, deciding whether customers want to continue to stick or not. Therefore, choosing the appropriate shipping service is one of the decisive factors if you want to do business online effectively. The following 5 reasons will help you better understand why online shops should use freight services to best support your business.

5 The reason shop owners should hire a reputable and convenient fast shipping service unit

1. Ship quickly thanks to the reputable North-South shipping service

Send goods quickly thanks to a reputable shipping service
Choosing a reputable shipping service will help online shop accelerate delivery (Source: Internet)

Delivery speed is one of the factors that customers are very interested in when choosing to buy online. Same item, same price but store Fast delivery more will always be appreciated by customers and will be given priority to choose for the next time. Service selection fast delivery reputation will help the online shop to remove difficulties in time, speed up the shipping in an optimal way.

Currently, most of the shipping units provide home delivery service after receiving information from the sender. The shops will save a lot of time traveling, waiting and packing goods compared to sending goods by traditional post.

Especially, NTXNhat Tin Express Also launched a dedicated solution for online shop owners with the model “Mobile post office“. The whole process Shipping, handling and ship the goods All are done completely on these post offices very quickly and conveniently.

2. Flexible capital source for online shop to develop business

Flexible capital source for online shop to develop business
Choosing a fast COD-refund unit will help online shops be more flexible in terms of capital (Source: Internet)

Ship COD is the form most customers choose when buying online. This also hinders shops because they do not have enough working capital to turn around regularly if they have to wait for this money to be processed.

When choosing shipping services from the Reputable delivery unit For online shops, you can rest assured that COD money will be refunded quickly within a few days or even within 24 hours. As a result, shops will be more flexible in terms of capital to implement more effective business development strategies.

3. Quick estimate of order value when using shipping service

Get a quick estimate of order value when using the shipping service
Shops can easily estimate the cost of orders through the price check feature (Source: Internet)

When using freight services From shipping companies, shops can easily make a quick estimate order cost before sending goods through the feature of checking rates and time. This makes it easy for shops to inform customers about courier fees (shipping charges) as well as expected delivery times or promotion plans accordingly. This is a very important factor in bringing the best customer experience to online shops.

4. Customer care by Freeship shipping service (free ship delivery)

Customer care with Freeship transportation service
Freeship service is a promotional option to attract customers very effectively (Source: Internet)

Freeship service is always a factor that customers are especially interested in when choosing to buy online. This method not only attracts new customers but also is an extremely effective solution to retain old customers. Lots of customers may have chosen an item from your store, but only because of the shipping fees being redirected or not buying. This is a very popular psychology when buying online of the vast majority of customers today.

To remove these difficulties, online shops can choose shipping services Goods at units that support freeship or free collection COD ship service to reduce costs and increase incentives to attract customers.

5. Be assured with the support and compensation policies of a reputable delivery unit

Peace of mind with support policies of a reputable delivery unit
Online shops can be assured with supportive policies from the delivery unit (Source: Nhat Tin Express)

When choosing shipping services, online shops can be completely assured with supportive policies Reputable delivery unit, to ensure benefits for all parties, especially with customers of the shop. Depending on each unit, there will be its own support policies, customers can carefully consult and choose the most suitable policy for the goods they are trading.

In particular, the return policy is a factor that customers are particularly interested in when buying online. Because the goods in the process of delivery may arise problems such as: wrong address, change of address or receiver refusing to receive goods … In these cases, the delivery unit will combine support to solve. Refund or forward the shop at the request of the shop to save maximum shipping costs as well as ensure the most convenient delivery.

Nhat Tin Express – Fast safe shipping service, reputable COD ship with good rates

NTX - Nhat Tin Express is a reputable shipping service provider
NTX – Nhat Tin Express a reputable carrier (Source: Nhat Tin Express)

Currently, some units like NTX – Nhat Tin Express has a very clear policy on these issues. Even in the case of goods lost, misplaced or damaged in transit, NTX – Nhat Tin Express guarantees 100% refund of postal value (for goods that have been insured) and not lower than the rate prescribed by state agencies. Therefore, online shops can be completely assured when choosing a reputable unit like Nhat Tin Express.

Can see, choose shipping services Prestige and relevance play a very important role for online shops. If you are still wondering, should choose the express method, you can completely contact NTX – Nhat Tin Express Saigon, Hanoi and nationwide by hotline. 1900 63 8080 for direct consultation or website access to check the shipping rates for each type of service you are interested in. Regardless of the form of delivery you choose, NTX commits itself to preferential rates and reputable service quality, ensuring satisfaction from both senders and receivers.

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