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You are having headache looking for a reputable Hanoi courier unit to support online business? No need to worry! This article will suggest you the top 7 express delivery agencies in Hanoi and nationwide. Help you peace of mind to send your goods while saving a lot of time and shipping costs!

TOP 7 reputable and reliable express delivery units in Hanoi 2021

Viettel Post – Express delivery unit in Hanoi and Nationwide

Viettel Post is one of the leading companies in the field of delivery in Vietnam
Viettel Post is one of the leading companies in the field of delivery in Vietnam (Source: Internet)

When it comes to the field Hanoi courier or nationwide, Viettel Post is a familiar name of many people. As one of the leading units in the field of delivery in Vietnam, Viettel Post has developed a series of post offices and networks to 100% of provinces across the country.

Currently, Viettel Post Joint Stock Company is providing domestic and international delivery services including: Express delivery, express delivery, economical delivery, COD ship service … to meet maximum demand Hanoi courier, Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces across the country.

Nasco freight services

Unit that provides express delivery services in Hanoi
Nasco Express has 29 years of experience in the delivery industry (Source: Internet).

The forerunner is a freight forwarding service with the Nasco Express brand of Noi Bai Airport Services Joint Stock Company. Nasco has 29 years of development in the courier business. This is one of the most prestigious service providers today Hanoi courier to all provinces and cities across the country.

Up to now, Nasco has more than 45 offices across the country, more than 200 means of transportation. With extensive delivery network, offers diverse delivery options with Express delivery rates from Hanoi to Saigon reasonable, suitable to the specific needs of individuals and organizations.

Express delivery service Hanoi NTX – Nhat Tin Express prestige, conscientious, safe goods

Nhat Tin Express's mobile post office model is the dominant solution in today's express delivery field
Nhat Tin Express’s mobile post office model is a dominant solution in today’s express delivery field

Accompanying Nhat Tin Logistics brand, NTX – Shipping Nhat Tin Express was born with the desire to provide optimal solutions for online shop owners, floors ecommerce and producers directly to consumers. The prestigious Hanoi delivery service that NTX provides is aimed at enhancing the buying experience. Providing services of international standards and beyond is building a better and more convenient life for Vietnamese people.

Besides services such as economical delivery, fast delivery, and timed delivery services are on the rise. Nhat Tin Express also launched a very unique terminal shipping and delivery model: Mobile Post Office.

Post Offices will move by routing, combining data sharing technology to connect between post offices and shippers. Hence, how to send a couriergoods handling, route division and import and export procedures were done quickly and effectively. Thanks to this model, the total delivery time will be minimized, ensuring the safety of the goods and creating the most favorable conditions for the sender.

With these outstanding advantages, NTX – Nhat Tin Express is a service provider Hanoi courier, Top Saigon. Currently, NTX has become a reliable partner of a series of large enterprises such as Samsung, Sony, TCL, Gioi Di Dong, FPT … Contact hotline 1900 63 8080 for advice immediately!

Courier service Hanoi Proship

Unit that provides express delivery in Hanoi
Proship operates mainly in two markets, Hanoi and Saigon (Source: Internet)

Proship Express Joint Stock Company operates mainly in two key markets Hanoi courier and Saigon. Services that Proship is providing include local express delivery /COD ship service, express delivery in all 63 provinces, consignment and consignment rent a warehouse flexible. All are aimed at contributing to the general development of the growing e-commerce market in Vietnam.

Not only providing fast shipping services to customers, Proship also joint ventures with carriers such as Procom and DHL to speed up delivery as well as maximize freight forwarding costs.

Courier service T&S

T&S Express has more than 15 years of experience in the express delivery sector in Hanoi
T&S Express has over 15 years of experience in international and domestic express delivery (Source: Internet)

T&S Service and Trading Joint Stock Company (T&S Express) is a unit with more than 15 years of experience in the courier field. Meet the diverse needs of domestic and international customers. To date, T&S has a center Hanoi courier, Saigon, Hai Phong and transit stations in 63 provinces.

Not only have a lot of experience in the field of international delivery. T&S also provides Door to Door document, parcel, and cargo transportation services on request with a full range of options such as courier of the day, courier and courier thrift. Thanks to the application of international standards on delivery, customers can be completely assured of the quality of service that T&S provides, meeting the criteria that the company offers: “Fastest, most guaranteed and cheap. Best”.

Courier service Hanoi (Tasetco)

Tasetco is one of the few express delivery companies that have achieved ISO standards on Quality Management Systems
Tasetco is one of the few express delivery companies that have achieved ISO standards on Quality Management Systems (Source: Internet).

Tasetco is a business specializing in the field of delivery of mail, documents and goods domestically and internationally. With more than 17 years of experience, this is one of the leading companies in the postal sector in Vietnam. Currently, Tasetco provides multimodal transportation services and has developed its network in almost 63 provinces across the country with ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 9001: 2015 certifications. This is an important basis to confirm Tasetco’s strict management system, contributing to ensuring the quality and cost when using its services.

Not only thrive in the market prestigious courier HanoiSaigon, Taseco is also making efforts to expand its international service network, gradually becoming the leading company in the delivery sector in Vietnam.

DThank you courier Hanoi BHL Vietnam- Specialized in Chinese domestic products

BHL Vietnam specializes in providing China and international shipping services
BHL Vietnam specializes in providing China and international shipping services (Source: Internet)

BHL Vietnam is a unit specialized in providing international express services and printing materials and equipment. BHL’s strong markets are China and international shipping services in cooperation with companies such as DHL, TNT, UPS, Fedex … BHL provides two-way shipping services from Vietnam to 240 countries. world and vice versa.

With many years of experience in the courier industry, BHL brings benefits to customers at an economical price and contributes to solving the need to use the service. Hanoi courier of a shop that sells Chinese domestic goods.


With a list of 7 units Hanoi courier Currently, it is expected to partly solve the difficulty of online shops or e-commerce businesses in finding suitable shipping partners.

Especially, with online shops that do not have the need to transport international goods, you absolutely can choose NTX – Nhat Tin Express to best support your business. Not only meeting the strict requirements of time and form of delivery, Delivery of Nhat Tin Express also free service for collection and COD refunds within 24 hours. This will definitely be a great advantage to help shops or small businesses no longer have a headache about working capital. Contact NTX immediately at hotline 1900 63 8080 for detailed advice!

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