Thu. Sep 23rd, 2021

Let’s be very clear about what I said about Christian Porter and what I said on the record.

We release transcripts and I have been asked about this and I have been consistent. My consistent position is this.

There needs to be an independent inquiry into Christian Porter because there has not been any examination of the allegations that have been put forward.

The police said that they were not able to further investigate.

We now know that in the last few days that the New South Wales police were not forwarded the document that was given to the prime minister and that he forwarded to the AFP.

We also know that somebody has come forward who knew the woman at the centre of these allegations at the time and someone who knew Christian Porter, and that person has said that they had discussions with the woman about what she has alleged at the time, or just a year after.

We also know that this person has said they had discussions with Christian Porter. What we also know is that Christian Porter is the first law officer of the land, the country’s attorney general and he is in charge of our legal system.

One of the things that I have said is that it is in my view just not realistic to do what the prime minister has said, which is to say that everybody should just move on and unsee and unhear what they now know has been suggested without any examination.

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