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Samples men’s watch simple is the most obvious example of the minimalist fashion trend. Not having any complicated features, just focusing on time but still extremely attractive. That is why this style of design has become so popular and loved so much.

The trend of minimalist design has been creeping into all corners of life and more and more people choose to pursue this style as a new way of life. Everything is simple in the details, focusing only on the function that makes life much easier and more comfortable.

Simple men’s watches – Aesthetic trends that are popular in the world

Starting with an art movement in the 1960s, the minimalist style quickly expanded into the design and architecture realm. After that, it became one of the most popular cosmetic trends around the world.

By its simplest definition, a minimalist trend is that designers present only the most essential and essential elements of a product or subject by eliminating unnecessary features. This design emphasizes simplicity, neutral colors and the most basic lines as the focus.

In the midst of a world filled with color and fullness, the minimalist designs like a breath of fresh air bring comfort and comfort. It is not surprising that this aesthetic trend is increasingly popular and applied in all aspects of life. From fashion, architecture, art to technology interfaces all love this timeless style.

Simple men's watches - Aesthetic trends that are the world's top

And of course, watchmakers cannot be out of this trend to offer more valuable options to their customers. This is really a big challenge because creating an aesthetically pleasing watch without complications can make it difficult for the most skilled designers.

Because, these men’s watch model simplify Focus on only the most important factor: time. But with the complex requirements in modern life, a watch needs to deliver more value than that. Fortunately, many brands spend time and effort designing products that are elegant, elegant, and still simple; remaining suitable for all situations as well as all styles.

That is also the reason why more and more people are choosing these men’s watch model simple instead full functional products are much more modern.

Simple 2-hand men’s watches are impressively beautiful

It can be seen that choosing a minimalist men’s watch is the easiest way to help men express their own style. Among the countless names that specialize in minimalistic design, Curnon is a suggestion that you should not ignore.

As the first Vietnamese watch brand, Curnon pioneered the creation of watches Simple men’s watch pattern, impressive and inspiring for young people to confidently discover themselves and express their own values.

Each Curnon product is based on the careful understanding of the customer’s needs and is designed with a heart full of enthusiasm, bringing soul to the smallest detail. These men’s watch model pretty The simplicity of Curnon’s following collections is the best testament to that.

Curnon Kashmir men’s watch

This was Curnon’s first men’s watch line, which began to shape the minimalist design philosophy but still expressed the modern needed for young people. Not only a style, Curnon Kashmir is also a watch that represents the confidence, the desire of youth to express themselves and reach new heights.

With such meanings, these men’s watch model The Kashmir line possesses a solid, powerful but also extremely elegant design with neutral color schemes such as brown, black, silver, white, navy blue … Number piles and hour and minute hands using fashion fragments. and harmonizing with the sub-dial at 6 o’clock completes a simple yet monotonous design.

Another plus point of these men’s watch model Kashmir is in use leather strap or wire mesh metal wire that is extremely comfortable and easy to adjust. Even if you have a small hand size, you can still wear it, giving the best overall look to every outfit.

Minimalist men's watch models - Curnon Kashmir

Curnon Weimar men’s watch

For followers of the true classical style, Weimar is men’s watch model designed just for you. Named after the city that produces the pinnacle of Bauhaus art, Weimar is full of features such as simplicity, elegance and prominence of famous German functionality.

The colors used for these designs are as basic as black, brown, white and silver. It can be said that this is a reliable companion of the boys who do not like the fussy and shiny.

The dial design of the men’s watch model Weimar is similar to Kashmir but omits the minute markers, making the overall simpler and cleaner overall. In return, Weimar adds a date calendar at 3 o’clock, providing great utility for users.

Curnon Weimar minimalist men's watch model

Curnon Mykonos men’s watches

Minimalism but different are the first impressions that Curnon’s Mykonos line of watches bring. This is men’s watch model Curnon’s first rectangular face, showing the angular, brave and bold commitment of men. Perhaps that is why the lines on the designs of Mykonos are more rigid and sharper than other Curnon watches.

Moreover, the color scheme used for this line is also more fresh and attractive with the colors yellow, rose gold, silver, black, brown and blue. To balance it better with its impressive rectangular face design and color palette, the Mykonos series watch face design is incredibly simple. The dial only uses 4 symmetrical numbers on the 4 sides and the date calendar at 6 o’clock creates a harmony for the whole.

In addition to the differences in design, all of these men’s watch model of Curnon all use Sapphire glass with outstanding scratch resistance. The durable 316L steel case over time and 3ATM water resistance help you be confident in all everyday activities.

Minimalist men's watch models - Curnon Mykonos

Another impressive point when owning one of the Curnon designs is the ability to change wires extremely quickly. It only takes 30 seconds without any specialized tools, you can change your style according to your preferences or outfits. This is really a great choice for guys whose styles change frequently.


The trend of minimalism is always the perfect choice for those who are pursuing elegance and sophistication and don’t want to be caught up in fashion. Therefore, choose these men’s watch model simple is the most worthy investment when you want to own a valuable accessory.

Curnon was the first Vietnamese watch brand in the market. Curnon watches are appreciated for their variety of designs, designs and simple design styles, at reasonable prices.

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