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Stool is considered an extremely familiar interior product in the living room space. There are many different styles and models of the chair, but the general design is compact and space-saving. To help you easily choose the right products, consult with Thetips what are chairs and models. stool popular in the article below.

What is a stool?

Stool The seat line without backrest has a smooth design, is convenient to arrange and use for all indoor spaces. Chairs are usually placed next to the sofa table set to create accents in the living room. Stool There are many styles with diverse models, designs as well as colors. So, you can easily use the chair as an interior accessory to highlight your space.

The popular types of chairs today

  • Wooden stool: Wood is always the first choice of many families. And samples stool wooden has also become popular in recent years. Usually, the patterns stool wood is decorated next to wooden tables and chairs and is designed uniformly in style.
  • Stainless steel chair: Upholstered chair Inox is a chair type with simple design, focusing on usability. The stainless steel seat consists of 4 static legs with the seat surface is also usually made of stainless steel. The chair is compact, durable and easy to clean.
  • Upholstery seats: Upholstered chair is also known as stool Sofa is an interior product that is being used a lot in modern home spaces. No need for elaborate patterns, but the product is still the favorite choice of many people. The outer cushion design of the couch is covered with fabric or felt to bring comfort and comfort to the user.

HOLEBY sofa, black PU leather

  • Design: HOLEBY sofa is designed with a simple but very unique square block. The overall seat harmonizes one color to create accents for the space. The seat base has a lid-type design that creates space inside for storage.
  • Material: Material stool HOLEBY is made of durable PU leather that prevents peeling and is easy to clean. The seat frame is made of a sturdy steel frame to create a solid pillar, not being sagged when sitting for long periods.
  • Color: Stool HOLEBY features outstanding colors with a fanciful black overall. Products used to decorate every space from living room to bedroom are suitable.
HOLEBY double sofa, black PU leather at JYSK
HOLEBY double sofa, black PU leather at JYSK

MADDOX sofa, white plastic with black PU leather cushion

  • Design: MADDOX sofa has a width and length of 35cm, height of 51cm, compatible with any space in your home. Stool MADDOX has a design similar to a decorative bonsai pot. With the appropriate height, it is convenient to use for all subjects.
  • Material: The seat base is made of a unique black PU leather cushion with good elasticity and high durability. The seat body is made of high quality plastic, sturdy.
  • Color: Upholstery MADDOX has a unique contrasting color scheme. The black seat combined with the contrasting white seat body creates a striking highlight for the living space.
MADDOX sofa, white plastic with black PU leather cushion at JYSK
MADDOX sofa, white plastic with black PU leather cushion at JYSK

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