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Wall clock is an essential item of every family. The wall clock is not only used to check the time, but also as a decorative accessory for the space. Today, there are many models on the market clockwatcher But for you to find and buy a beautiful, quality watch is not easy. Please refer to TheTips how to choose to buy clockwatcher satisfied and most relevant through the article below.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a wall clock

  • Design: Clockwatcher Can be used in many spaces such as living room, kitchen, bedroom. If you choose a watch for a children’s room, you should choose one with fun designs, bright colors. For the kitchen, you can choose from a watch model with a sophisticated, modern design but still fully functional. For the living room, this is a common living space and also a place to welcome guests to visit the house. Therefore, you should choose the templates clockwatcher suitable for the room interior style. If you love minimalism, a simple, neutral timepiece will be the right choice. If you want to create a highlight for the living room, you should choose a standing pendulum clock, a wooden clock, a clock with an engraved design … For the bedroom, patterns clockwatcher With a minimalist design that makes it easy to see the time, or a silent analogue clock will be the best choice.
  • Size: Clockwatcher Available in many different sizes. You need to base on the area of ​​space to choose the right size watch. Clock too big or too small makes your home space unbalanced. Specifically, with the space of about 20m2, you should choose a clock with a radius of 17-22cm. For larger spaces, between 21-40 cm, you should choose a watch with a radius of 23-27 cm. With spaces over 40m2, watches with a radius of 27-35 cm will be the right choice.
  • Color: Color is also a factor affecting the aesthetics of clockwatcher. Nowadays, many people often have a special preference for timepieces with deep, neutral colors combined with bright colored faces such as white or light yellow. The combination of these color gamut can bring out the face of your watch, helping you keep track of the time accurately even in low light. In addition, when choosing to buy a watch, you should also choose watches with outstanding colors, different from the interior objects in the space.
  • Material: The common materials that make up the products clockwatcher is wood, plastic, metal combined with dials made of glass, sapphire, mica … Each type of watch made from different materials will have its own advantages and disadvantages. In addition, the difference in watch material lies in the watch’s operating structure such as electronics, drifting hands (seconds hand run seamlessly, without interruption) and jerky hands (second hand jerks every second).

The beautiful wall clock models at JYSK

Wall clock HALVOR JYSK

HALVOR wall clock with a simple but extremely sophisticated, modern design. Round shape clock shape with 30cm diameter, suitable for small room spaces. The watch has a silver and bronze gold case, white dial, clear time display. The product is made of aluminum material with high durability and no scratches. The operating structure of the watch is hand-drifting, running smoothly, smoothly, without making a sound.

HALVOR wall clock hand drifting
HALVOR wall clock with floating hands JYSK

VERNER JYSK wall clock

VERNER wall clock is made from high quality plastic, including black and gray. New, unique watch design, suitable for modern living space. The product is a wall clock, with a diameter of 50cm, and can be customized to suit the space. The clock is a drifting metal, running smoothly, can be used for the bedroom.

VERNER wall clock
VERNER JYSK wall clock

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