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Of the Men’s leather strap watches Beauty from Curnon has long been an indispensable companion of many young Vietnamese people. With a series of advantages and created by a team of enthusiastic young designers, Curnon watches help the wearer assert his own style and fashion class in all circumstances.

The most prominent advantages of the Curnon men’s leather strap

Proud to be the first Vietnamese watch brand to bring the creative spirit of Vietnamese young people, Curnon’s products are not merely an accessory but also affirm the difference, embarking on the challenge of age. young. Choosing a Curnon watch is a way for young people to express themselves, confidently discover their own potential.

1. Diversity of models and colors

Although always following the minimalist and elegant design direction, Curnon men’s leather strap models are still very diverse in colors and models, suitable for many different styles and preferences.

From basic colors like black, brown, silver to trendy gray or rose gold; Combined with round, square face styles with design features that are focused on every detail, there are many different options.

Whether you are an office guy who loves simplicity or a successful businessman who loves luxury, you will have a suitable Curnon leather strap watch.

Curnon watches are diverse in models and colors
Curnon watches are diverse in models and colors

2. Luxury, high class

Title you must have heard through the sentence “Simple is the best” – “Simple is the best”, right? In fact, this statement is true in all cases, including the fashion factor.

If you are a pursuit of luxury, then choosing a men’s leather watch with a Minimalism – dark design from Curnon is the right thing to do.

Thanks to the minimization of redundant details, retaining only the most subtle and intentionally placed, Curnon’s leather-strap men’s watches always have a timeless luxury and luxury look. space.

3. High flexibility

Men’s leather strap watches Curnon has very high flexibility. With just one model, you can easily combine it with a simple suit, jeans and shirt, or even an active shorts. Whatever you choose, your overall harmony will always be. In addition, leather strap watches are also suitable for many different ages.

In particular, if you own a collection of leather straps, you can easily change the color and style of the watch according to the color of the outfit and mood without spending too much money.

4. Bring comfort to wear

All Curnon mens leather models use high-quality genuine leather straps. Thanks to that, you will feel extremely comfortable in all daily activities. Whether writing, typing or doing anything, the leather strap will easily move in natural movements, without causing any clutter when worn.

In addition, genuine leather belts also have the ability to absorb sweat and moisture higher than other strings. There, you won’t feel your wrists getting hot or squashed underneath like conventional straps.

Curnon watches are comfortable to wear
Curnon watches are comfortable to wear

5. Quick, easy, cheap cable change

Another remarkable advantage of the Curnon men’s leather watch is the ability to change the band at super speed. You can change your style in just 30 seconds without using any specialized tools.

In addition, the prices of genuine Curnon leather straps are also extremely affordable. Only from 449,000 VND you can change “new shirt” for your beloved watch.

6. Not outdated from time to time

Another thing you can be confident about when using the Curnon men’s leather watch is timeless beauty. Minimalist design plus leather straps will always be a favorite, no matter how many times the trend changes.

Modern, stylish watches will sometimes be replaced by new and bolder designs, but the classic, elegant style will always take its place, irreplaceable. Because of this, you can completely rest assured to choose a Curnon leather watch as your companion.

7. Affordable price

When choosing a Curnon mens leather watch, there is absolutely no need to sacrifice quality to have a product that fits your budget. A product using genuine leather strap, scratch-resistant Sapphire glass, 316L stainless steel case and high-end Japanese Miyota Quartz machine; only cost around 3 million with a warranty of up to 10 years. It can be said that this is an extremely great choice for products in the same segment.

The most beautiful men’s leather strap models from Curnon

Kashmir Grand

Men’s leather strap model Kashmir Grand belongs to the Kashmir collection of Curnon. This is the first watch line, shaping the minimalist and modern design style that Curnon applies throughout all of its later designs.

Kashmir Grand is a unique combination of a unique blue dial and luxurious black Genuine leather straps. The pointer and number line are thin, clear lines that create harmony for the whole.

The sub-dial at 6 o’clock creates an interesting and distinctive highlight of this Kashmir line. It can be said that this is the best choice for mature, polite men who exude confidence in all situations.

A beautiful Kashmir Grand men's leather strap
Kashmir Grand men’s leather strap watch

Weimar Herbert

For believers who love the minimalist style in a classic direction, men’s leather strap models Weimar Herbert is the choice that cannot be ignored. Named after the city that gave birth to the pinnacle of Bauhaus art, Weimar Herbert offers an eye-catching attraction for its impressive color scheme.

The combination of the classic black, rose gold and brown colors is still luxurious, making this watch always on the best-seller list of Curnon. The slender gold numerals and hands stand out against the black background and the date at 3 o’clock is subtle but also very useful.

Weimar Herbert beautiful leather strap watch
Weimar Herbert men’s leather watch strap

Colosseum Guandao

Colosseum Guandao Designed in inspiration from the historic Roman Arena, bringing with it the adult man’s desire to conquer all obstacles. Perhaps that is why this men’s leather strap model is clearly different from most other Curnon watches.

From the dial used to 2 unique sub-dials with a minimalistic design bar but no less prominent on a white background. The watch case uses black with a thin, sharp border that feels like a powerful spear, always straight forward.

Finally, genuine leather straps with impressive light brown colors, harmonious but not lose the strong features that the design aims to.

Beautiful men's leather strap Colosseum Guandao
Men’s leather strap watches Colosseum Guandao

Mykonos Alexei

Belonging to Curnon’s first line of rectangular faces, Mykonos Alexei is a modern, angular choice and the difference between the familiar minimalist classic style. This men’s leather strap model has an extremely luxurious and sophisticated design thanks to the elegant use of black and gold colors.

Instead of using the full number bar as usual, Mykonos Alexei is only placed in symmetrical positions, both as an accent and to minimize the dial. Thanks to that, you can easily combine with all styles while still expressing your own difference.

The beautiful men's leather strap Mykonos Alexei
Men’s leather watch Mykonos Alexei

How to use a long-lasting beautiful men’s leather strap

No matter how quality the product you choose, the maintenance and use of the watch will greatly affect the life of the watch. A few notes below will help you use a beautiful men’s leather watch for as long as possible:

  • Real leather’s greatest enemy is water. Therefore, always remember to remove the watch before showering and never soak in water, even though it is water resistant.
  • If you want to clean the strap, just rinse it with clean water, wipe with a soft cloth and let dry naturally. Absolutely do not expose to the sun or use other heat sources for drying.
  • For stubborn stains, you can use specialized skin care products. Alternatively, you can also mix baking soda with water for a quick strap cleaning. Then let it dry completely and coat it with balm to make the strap softer and more shiny.
  • Avoid tightening the strap around your wrists as this can strain the strap every time you move, resulting in damage to the skin surface.

It can be said that the samples Men’s leather strap watches Curnon’s is the best choice to enhance your style and perfect every outfit you use. With a series of outstanding advantages, this will surely be the most worthy accessory to invest in your collection.

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