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Round faces are extremely popular and have a lot more choices than other styles. However, also for this reason that these Women’s leather strap watches The rectangular face is again that really stand out and grab the attention of watch lovers.

If you are interested in watches, you will find that most designs today use circles. This style is considered to be easy to manipulate as well as suitable for the best display of the basic functions of a watch.

Stand out and attract more with a rectangular ladies leather strap

For women, a watch is seen as a fashion accessory rather than a device for viewing the time. That is why they are more attracted to the design, design of a watch than the function or structure of the movement. Therefore, one Women’s leather strap watches The rectangular face, despite the minimalist design and materials, still creates more attraction than the conventional round face designs.

When you own a rectangular face watch, the first impression is the elegance and fashion that you combine with any style of clothing. The watch fits the slender woman’s wrist, gentle but completely different. Thanks to that, you can confidently participate in all events from formal to casual without reducing the attractiveness of your style.

In addition, most of the samples Women’s leather strap watches rectangular faces use classic, minimal design styles. This inadvertently makes the stand out between countless other modern and sophisticated accessories. Moreover, thanks to the timeless fashion style of this timepiece, you can confidently choose for yourself an affordable product without fear of being out of fashion.

These characteristics render Women’s leather strap watches The rectangular face becomes an indispensable accessory for any lady whether you are interested in a watch or not.

The best rectangular women’s leather strap models from Curnon

Santorini is a rectangular face collection designed by Curnon for women with the desire to express the distinct voice and personality of modern girls. Still uses the minimalist style typical of all Curnon watches but models Women’s leather strap watches Santorini’s rectangular face still has its own charm. Let’s explore the best-selling watch models to learn why you should not ignore this impressive design.

Santorini Fauna

Still retaining the distinctive design features of Curnon’s Santorini square face watch line, but Fauna evokes a much more classic feel. The dial uses a simple white tone that accentuates the rose gold color of the case and dark brown on the band. This is a design that is extremely loved by office girls because of its difference but still extremely elegant, helping you to be more confident in all your daily meetings.

Rectangular women's leather strap watch
The Santorini Fauna watch

Santorini Hebe

Girls who love the unique color scheme are sure to be attracted from the first time they see the pattern Women’s leather strap watches Santorini Hebe square face. The pale gray band with the pink dial and the yellow case may seem lame but perfectly harmonious. In particular, this color tone is extremely easy to coordinate with different outfits, giving a youthful but also very luxurious feel to the overall.

Santorini Hebe leather strap watch
The Santorini Hebe Clock

Santorini Rhea

The Santorini Rhea can be viewed as a softer modified version of Hebe. The pink dial turns white and keeps the rest of the details, giving Rhea a much softer and more elegant feel. Girls who do not like to use colorful accessories or simply want a true minimalistic style watch, this is the suggestion for you.

Santorini Rhea leather strap watch
Santorini Rhea Clock

Santorini Athena

Add a template Women’s leather strap watches The square face that followers of minimalism cannot ignore is the Santorini Athena. The classic simplicity and style in color schemes further accentuates the angular, individualistic character of Curnon’s Athena watch. The brown strap combined with the white dial and silver case are almost the timeless classic of the watch. Therefore, when choosing this watch, you can rest assured that you have an accessory that never goes out of style and is suitable for use in all circumstances.

Santorini Athena rectangular women's leather strap watch
Santorini Athena Watch

In addition to design differences, all Curnon’s Santorini models use Sapphire glass with outstanding scratch resistance. The case uses premium 316L stainless steel and 3ATM water resistance to keep your watch durable under normal conditions. In addition, for girls who want to regularly change styles and patterns Women’s leather strap watches Curnon’s all can be changed easily in 30 seconds without the need for specialized tools.

There are actually so many reasons for you to own one Women’s leather strap watches square face if you want your style to become more impressive. And if you are still wondering which brand to choose among the countless manufacturers on the market today, Curnon’s Santorini collection is your top suggestion. A product that meets all the criteria of aesthetics and quality at an extremely affordable price, why ignore it right?

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