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Information about the most active drug

a. Dosage forms:


b. Ingredients for the smallest packaging unit:

672.0 mg dry extract equivalent:

  • Dong quai (Radix Angelicae sinensis) 1500 mg
  • Useful sample (Herba Leonuri japonica) 1500 mg,
  • Soursop (Radix Achyranthis bidentatae) 1500 mg
  • Field (Radix Rehmanniae glutinosae praeparata) 1500 mg
  • Red wine (Radix Paeoniae) 750 mg
  • Transframe (Rhizoma Ligustici wallichii) 750 mg
  • Excipients 1 capsule

c. Effects – indicative


  • Good for blood, active blood.


  • The most active blood enhances blood circulation, tonic blood, active blood, and treats problems and stagnation. Increasing the amount of oxygen to the brain improves transient ischemic attacks, maintains the normal functioning of the brain.
  • The most active prevention and treatment of cerebral circulatory insufficiency (fatigue, headache, dizziness, imbalance, dizziness, insomnia, memory impairment, neurasthenia). impaired peripheral circulation (gay pain, neck stiffness, muscle racing, numbness of the limbs).
  • The most active support for prevention and treatment atherosclerosis, embolism, stroke. Prevent cerebral vascular accident, improve the work of limbs.
  • Prevention and treatment of shoulder pain, numbness, numbness of hands and feet, stiff neck, muscle pain, …
  • Improve blood damage, stagnation, menstrual cramps, menstrual disorders, menstrual irregularities.

d. Contraindications – with caution:

  • Contraindications: Pregnant women, people who are bleeding
  • Caution: People with blood clotting disorders, are bleeding, should not be used for people with low blood pressure.

e. Unwanted effects:

No reports yet. Notify doctors undesirable effects encountered when using the drug.

f. Dosage – Usage:

  • Take 2 capsules / time, 2 times / day.
  • For chronic patients should take the drug continuously for at least 3 months.

g. Abstain from eating and drinking when taking the drug:

Limit your intake of fat.

H. Use for pregnant or lactating women:

  • Not for use by pregnant women.
  • There are not enough studies to determine the risks of taking this drug during lactation. Always consult your doctor before taking a drug to weigh the benefits and risks. You should only take it when absolutely necessary or when the benefits of taking it outweigh the risks.

i. Overdose and treatment:

When taking the drug in overdose, there can be some side effects. Using the correct dose of side effects will go away.

l. Due date:

36 months from date of manufacture.

m. Storage conditions:

Store in dry places, below 30 degrees Celsius.

2. Some frequently asked questions

a. How to use the most active blood potion?

  • The most active blood is the drug. Therefore, you need to read the instructions carefully before using. If you are unsure about the use of the drug, immediately contact your doctor or pharmacist for advice.
  • Use as directed by your doctor, do not change your course without your doctor’s permission.

b. What to do if you miss a dose?

  • If you miss a dose, take it as soon as possible. However, if it is close to the next dose, skip the missed dose and take the next dose at the time as planned. Do not take double the prescribed dose.

c. How to manage when overdose?

  • When taking the drug in overdose, there can be some side effects. Using the correct dose of side effects will go away.
  • In the event of severe symptoms, call Emergency Center 115 or go to the nearest local Medical Station. In addition, you need to keep a record and bring a list of all medications you have taken, including prescription and over-the-counter.

d. Who should use the most active blood?

  • Subjects often suffer from nervous breakdown; anxious; have a sleep disorder; not sleeping well. There is also anemia, frequent headache, numbness of the limbs.
  • People at risk of anemia; poor blood circulation; have a nervous breakdown; dizziness, tinnitus; memory decline; often have poor sleep and are often stressed; numbness and pain in limbs …

e. What foods and drinks can the most active blood products interact with?

  • Food, alcohol, and tobacco can interact with certain drugs.
  • Consult your doctor about taking medication with food, alcohol and tobacco.
  • You should not drink alcohol while taking the drug.
  • You should limit your intake of high fat while taking this medication.

3. Is the most active blood really effective?

Through statistical information from customers, there are many opinions about the effectiveness of the drug. Some users see quick improvement in efficiency, while there are customers who do not see much improvement. Therefore, users should experience by themselves to have the best view.

In addition, the drug’s effectiveness depends on many other factors such as:

  • User site
  • Health status of users
  • The process of using is correct according to the process
  • Is the resting and eating regime reasonable?
  • Compliance level as directed by the doctor

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