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Besides the watch face design, the strap is always a very interested choice for women. Because, most people will see the front strap and at the same time the color of the strap also significantly affects the overall outfit. Therefore, the female leather strap models has always been loved for its fashions, diverse colors as well as the ability to customize sizes more flexibly than metal wire models.

Below is a suggestion of the best seller from the Curnon watch brand that is extremely sought after by young people. You can refer to the most impressive matchmaking suggestions here to complete your fashion style and highlight your personality.

Women’s leather strap watch with square face, small version

Still loyal to the timeless minimalist design style, Curnon’s Santorini watch line impresses strongly with its distinctive, distinct and angular rectangular face design.

This is also the spirit that the first Vietnamese watch brand wants to convey to its customers: “Why not?” Always confidently assert your ego and constantly reach new heights.

Curnon Santorini Fauna in red stands out

Form Women’s leather strap watches This square face of Curnon uses a very elegant color scheme and has a bit of classic direction. The white dial with stylized, small, rectangular, rose gold color seamlessly blends with the bezel of the same color.

Santorini Fauna uses luxurious light brown genuine leather straps, suitable for girls who love vintage trends, elegant and extremely feminine.

Curnon Santorini Fauna Women's leather strap watch
Santorini Fauna

Curnon Santorini Gaia is attractive in black

Santorini Gaia will be the perfect choice for women who pursue a unique, unique style with mysterious black colors combined with modern, youthful rose gold. This contrast adds to the attractiveness of this square-faced female Curnon leather watch, making Gaia one of the products that is always in a state of “out of stock”.

In fact, it is undeniable that black, though very personality, is extremely easy to coordinate outfits. Then there is nothing better than being able to own a versatile design at an extremely affordable price.

Curnon Santorini Gaia Women's Leather Strap Watch
Santorini Gaia

In addition, Curnon also owns a collection of leather-strap women’s watches with many other colors such as gray, cobalt blue …

Women’s leather strap watch round arched glass

Aimed at young, dynamic urban girls, Curnon’s round-shaped Hamilton dome watch is inspired by the remote Australian island of Australia, with a spirit of freedom and energy. In addition, the dome glass detail is also a unique highlight to help the girls’ style more attractive.

Curnon Hamilton Lydia

It can be said that the Lydia women’s leather watch model is the perfect representative of the minimalist design that Curnon is always aiming for. The product uses a round white dial with a soft and rounded rose gold metal rim.

Hamilton Lydia’s hour markers are stylized into subtle small circles and completely in harmony with the whole. Finally, the blue leather strap forms a bold, youthful highlight towards the sea.

Curnon Hamilton Lydia women's leather watch
Hamilton Lydia

Curnon Hamilton Scarlett

Contrary to the youthful fresh feeling that the Lydia model brings, Hamilton Scarlett is directed towards a bit more luxurious and serious. This women’s leather strap model retains the distinctive Hamiltonian design characteristic of its slender, refined lines.

However, the main black color and rose gold color create the feeling of mature women, aiming for perfection in both style and lifestyle.

Curnon Hamilton Scarlett ladies leather strap
Hamilton Scarlett

10 ideas for coordinating with beautiful ladies leather strap watches

In order to help you have more choices in the combination of costumes and accessories for Curnon women’s watches, please “pocket” the following 10 impressive coordination ideas to always look perfect in all circumstances:

1. Blazer with fashionable and successful midi skirt

An exquisitely tailored blazer combined with elegant midi skirt makes it easy to create sympathy for the opposite person. Don’t forget to complete this set with a template Women’s leather strap watches with brown and black colors to increase the politeness and maturity.

Outfit Blazer with skirt
Blazer with skirt

2. Cool, personality leather jacket

One Women’s leather strap watches Black personality with a cool, cold leather jacket will be a great choice for girls who want to show their extreme ego.

Cool leather jacket outfit, personality and women's leather strap watches
Cool, personality leather jacket

3. Wide-legged jeans with a youthful croptop

Most female leather strap models Curnon’s round face is easy to coordinate with outfits. However, keeping the design spirit true, the choice of combining with dynamic jeans and croptop is still loved by most of Curnon’s young customers.

Outfit jeans with wide tubes and croptop shirt
Wide-legged jeans with a croptop

4. Gentle, feminine white trousers and shirt

The combination of trousers and a shirt is a typical office set in Vietnam. So, incorporating a Curnon’s elegantly designed ladies leather strap will help you make the difference between a somewhat monotonous office environment.

Pants outfit and white shirt with women's leather strap watches
White trousers and shirt

5. Jumpsuit dress with Tweed

When choosing this set, your femininity and fashion will be enhanced when combined with a stylish black leather strap watch.

Outfit of the dress of Tweed Jumpsuit
Jumpsuit dress with Tweed

6. Stylish dress

A pillow-length seamless dress with a sleek hand design is a perfect match for all classic leather strap models.

Stylish instant dress outfit
Stylish dress

7. Simple shorts and t-shirts

The biggest advantage of the minimalist female leather strap models is that it can be combined with all styles, all styles and ages and still extremely harmonious.

Simple shorts and t-shirt outfit and women's leather strap watches
Simple shorts and t-shirts

8. Comfortable, loose-fitting chiffon blouse and jeans

Simple style will not cause boring monotony if you choose watches with seductive designs like Curnon’s Santorini line. Give it a try and you will see how important accessories are.

Outfit shirt chiffon fabric and jeans
Chiffon shirt and jeans

9. Coordinate women’s leather strap watches with trousers, all black t-shirt

All Black is still one of the never-“HOT” coordination styles for young people. So why not try out this outfit with a gold-frame black leather watch? You will find this style surprising!

Pants outfit, all black t-shirt
Pants, t-shirt all black

10. Elegant loose-fitting sweaters and trousers

During the changing weather days, this leather strap set will help you keep your body perfectly warm while still ensuring the necessary fashion and elegance.

Outfit sweaters and loose-leggings
Wide-legged sweaters and trousers

With these helpful hints above, you have seen the versatility of women’s leather watches Curnon yet? So what are you waiting for without choosing a favorite product to enhance your style today!

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