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The designers’ creativity in the field of fashion always brings a lot of surprises. Even accessories that seem to have only very few creative opportunities, like wristwatches, can make a unique difference that is difficult to mix. Typically the advent of square women’s watch designs!

There have been many sisters who have been crushed by the sophistication and fashion that it brings. Leaving safe and monotonous options behind, check out the styles you can adopt this year with these impressive models!

Classic square face

The return of vintage and retro styles in recent years has made fashion lovers even more tendency The selection of accessories is simpler and more classic. In fact, square face watches have been around since the 20th century and still quietly please admirers. However, in recent years, from luxury brands to popular brands, many different square face watch collections have been launched, proving the enduring appeal of this design.

Actually, this is not too difficult to understand. Because the smooth, angular lines of the square create a feeling of being both strong, bold and classic. As a result, this accessory will look outstanding regardless of the outfit. In addition, when women choose a square face watch model, it will create a much thinner wrist effect.

Not out of that trend, the first Vietnamese watch brand on the market – Curnon has launched the Santorini women’s watch collection. Square watch lines full of differences from color schemes, materials to design lines. All create the perfect combination for fashionistas who are passionate about classic styles at extremely affordable prices.

Basic leather strap

For sure, there will be at least one basic leather watch in the girls’ collection. There is no need to be too ostentatious, the elegance lies in the simplicity that few people pay attention to. When choosing leather straps, you absolutely don’t have to worry about how outdated the model will be or how it will be combined with the outfit. Besides, the selection of leather straps will be very suitable for those with small, thin wrists. You can freely adjust the strap or combine it with other bracelet accessories without fear of feeling too cumbersome.

To reduce the monotony, choosing a square women’s watch combined with basic leather straps is the simplest way to help you elevate your own style. The sharpness of the right angles and the softness of the leather strap are considered the law of compensation, so that everything is balanced and in harmony.

Square female watch face - basic leather strap

If you are lost in the battle of different brands, why not try to refer to some of Curnon’s square female watches such as Santorini Hebe, Santorini Hestia, Santorini Athena … You will surely fall for the elegance. These square ladies watch faces bring it there!

Luxury metal wire

If you are aiming for the style of a mature and successful person, you should not ignore metal strap watches. In particular, office attire when combined with metal-wire square female watches adds more power, perfectly suitable for conferences or important business meetings. Besides, thanks to the perfect light-capture effect, you can use these models as an accessory to evening parties when needed.

To increase the elegance and femininity you can combine the watch with some jewelry models such as bracelets, rings of the same color. Priority should be given to the slim designs to avoid the heavy feeling caused by wearing metal!

Some options you might consider in this case include watch models like the Santorini Diana, Santorini Cadie, Santorini Hera or Santorini Dorothy combined with some impressive bracelet models designed by Curnon like Cleo, Stella, Celia. …

Luxury metal wire

Elegant and delicate watch colors

The last but not least important factor to complete the style is the choice of the right color. This is the most intuitive way for you to show the aesthetic eye and sophistication in coordinating outfits and accessories. A lot of people care carefully for clothes, shoes, and bags, but rarely pay attention to commonly used accessories such as watches. So, if you want to become more trendy, pay attention to the choice of clock colors for the most harmonious overall.

Curnon’s Santorini square women’s watch collection owns an extremely trendy color palette but also very easy to combine such as rose gold, pink, gray, navy blue, brown, white, silver, black … These are all colors. Basic, never outdated and very bright at skin lightening. Besides, when owning a watch design any of Curnon, you can easily change the band in just 30 seconds without any specialized tools. This will help you to eliminate color concerns when choosing clothes and accessories for important occasions.

It can be seen that the appearance of square female watches is like blowing a new wind into fashion. With just a little adjustment of style, color or material, your style can change a lot. So, as a woman, please know to pamper yourself more and do not be afraid to spend on necessary accessories!

Reference source: Curnon Watch – Curnon Watch

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