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The reason should choose multi-purpose sofa bed

Tendency Modern interiors prioritize the choice of versatile and convenient products and focus on minimalistic design. Among the furniture needed for the house, then sofa bed is the product that many people find and choose. Sofa bed is a smart combination between sofa and bed to help, maximize the area of ​​use. In particular, for homes with small space, sofa beds are the most reasonable choice. Let’s find out about JYSK sofa bed as well as how to choose to buy suitable sofa products.

Criteria to choose quality and suitable sofa bed

  • Designs: With diverse designs and designs, you can choose freely sofa bed to match the design style and size of the room. There are 2 patterns sofa bed Popular: high backrest and low backrest, depending on the needs of use, you can choose the sofa style that best.
  • Material: Usually one sofa bed will include the frame, mattress and cover. The bed frame can be made from metal, natural wood, industrial laminated wood, … but always must ensure solid criteria. The bed mattress is a rubber mattress or a spring mattress that feels smooth to use. Product cover is also made from many different materials such as felt, imitation leather, genuine leather, cotton fabric, brocade fabric, …
  • Color: If your family is a young couple, you can choose modern colors such as white, brown, and beige. In contrast, middle-aged people tend to choose neutral colors such as grayish green, light gray. In addition to color selection sofa bed According to your preference, you should consider choosing the color of the chair that matches the color of the wall paint and other interior products.
  • Structure: Different from ordinary sofas, sofa bed Both a chair and a bed, so the structure of the sofa frame needs to be sturdy and capable of bearing large amounts of force. If the bed frame is not sure, the efficiency will not be high, quickly damaged or degraded. In addition, the mattress texture is also something you need to pay attention to because the mattress must be good, it needs to have good elasticity.
  • The ability to remove the gasket: When choosing to buy sofa bed It should be noted to choose a product with a detachable mattress cover to facilitate cleaning because sofa bed has a higher frequency of use than plain sofa.

STELLA JYSK sofa bed

  • Product: Sofa bed 1S Stella gray fabric, Sofa bed 1S Stella blue color, 3S Stella sofa bed in gray color, Sofa bed 3S Stella is blue, …
  • Material: Sofa bed Stella is made from solid, natural wood legs that have high bearing capacity. The mattress is thick, smooth, comfortable, and has high elasticity. The cover is made of thick, soft, and airy polyester fabric.
  • Advantages: Products with elegant colors, bold Nordic style, suitable for all spaces. Sofa bed Stella comes in many sizes and styles, giving you many choices. The sofa bed patterns can be used for houses, apartments, apartments, … to meet the needs of rest and relaxation for everyone.
3S STELLA sofa bed, gray polyester fabric, natural wooden sofa legs
3S STELLA sofa bed, gray polyester fabric, natural wooden legs in bed form
Sofa bed 3S STELLA | gray polyester fabric | natural wooden legs | R215xS87 / 160xC86cm


  • Product: Sofa bed Sagunto is light gray.
  • Material: Sofa bed Sagunto with a frame made of durable, solid natural wood. The wood is carefully treated, free from termites and mold, and can withstand high gravity. High quality foam mattress, breathable, has good elasticity. The mattress cover is a dense, soft, and airy polyester fabric.
  • Advantages: Sofa bed has a firm structure that does not waver or shake when used. The product is light gray in color, suitable for many different interior spaces, highlighting modern and classic beauty. Combination of sofa bed Sagunto and other furnishings will bring you a living space with Nordic breath, which is a favorite interior trend of many people.
SAGUNTO sofa bed, light gray polyester fabric / natural wooden sofa legs
SAGUNTO sofa bed, light gray polyester fabric / natural wooden legs bed shape
SAGUNTO sofa bed, light gray polyester fabric / natural wooden legs

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