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DUREX- The world’s top selling condom brand

DUREX Being the leading brand of condoms, lubricating gels that support safe sex and alternative measures family planning. DUREX is currently part of the Reckitt Benckiser group. The name of the DUREX brand stands for “Durability, Reliability, and Excellence” which means Durability, Reliability and Great. The DUREX brand was registered in 1929 and is now the leading condom brand in the world. Follow WikipediaDUREX condoms account for about a quarter of the worldwide market share in protective products gender health. The DUREX brand sells more than a billion products each year and has more than 17 manufacturing facilities around the world.

DUREX condoms are currently being produced with 2 types: Durex 3 condoms / box, Durex 12 condoms / box. DUREX condoms are classified into many types with different outstanding advantages, including: Regular condoms, Extended sex condoms, Ultra-thin condoms, Condom with stimulating spikes, … Let’s take a look at the outstanding condoms of DUREX right here



Durex Extra Safe It is designed to limit the excessive excitement of the “little boy” to help limit premature ejaculation and “tear the bag” state when having passionate sex. Durex Extra Safe with a bulging structure at the top of the bag creates a new feeling, helping to stimulate all “G points” inside the “little girl” with each movement rhythm. Durex Extra Safe does not contain odors, artificial colors bring a natural feeling in psychology as well as not adversely affect the health of the couple. The natural latex rubber material of the bag provides softness, is very safe, does not irritate the user’s skin and is friendly with the environment.

Durex Extra Safe condoms are covered with a lot of lubricating gel to help create a smoother, softer, smoother sex during sex, especially with “girls” who experience drought. With “easy-on” design, it makes it easy for him to put on or remove quickly, without interruption, helping him and her to fully enjoy the feeling of sublimation in love.

Shelf life of products up to 5 years

Ingredients information, usage and usage notes printed on the packaging Durex Extra Safe Condom (Box of 3)

  • Durex Extra Safe condoms help prevent unwanted pregnancy.
  • Durex Extra Safe also helps protect yourself and your partner from getting dangerous sexually transmitted infections such as HIV, genital warts, gonorrhea, syphilis, …
  • Durex Extra Safe is designed to be bulging at the head in combination with a lubricating gel to help the “boy” move gently, smoothly, bringing stimulation and orgasmic feeling to the “little girl”.


  • Durex Extra Safe 3-piece box is sold with prices ranging about 53,000 VND / box of 3.
  • Durex Extra Safe 12-piece box is sold with prices ranging around 160,000 VND / box of 12

Durex Love condom

Durex love condoms

Picture of Durex condom 3 pieces


Durex Love condom With ribbed design running along the body to help women feel the novelty in love, these tendons when having sex will rub against the sensitive nerves deep in the vagina to stimulate pleasure. The product is made entirely of natural latex material, does not harm the skin. In particular, Durex Love is also dermatologically tested and 100% electromagnetically tested to confirm that there are no defects, before being released to the market.

Uses of Durex Love Condom

Durex Love condoms meet the ISO 4074: 2002 international quality standard and have been subjected to dermatological testing prior to release. Therefore, the product is completely safe and effective in preventing pregnancy, preventing transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.


Durex Love box of 3 is sold at a price ranging around 35,000 VND / box of 3


Durex Sensation condom

Durex Sensation condom

Durex Sensation condom uniquely designed with up to 500 seeds floating evenly on the surface of the envelope to increase the stimulation as well as the enchanting feeling for the “little girl”. At the same time, with the combination of warm lubricating gel, it brings a soft, gentle feeling that makes the “little girl” easily reach orgasm. Durex Sensation 3-box condoms meet international standard quality and are dermatologically tested before being released to the market, so it is completely safe for users.


  • Tiny particles floating on the surface of the bag rubbed against the vaginal wall, stimulating the sensitive spots in her to help her achieve ultimate pleasure.
  • A depth of 52.5mm is suitable for the general size of the male penis, providing a comfortable feeling like not using a condom.
  • Tiny spiny seeds also create a feeling like the female vagina, helping men feel pleasure, stimulating a more intense desire.
  • Lubricating gel not only helps the penis go deep into the vagina, but also reduces the friction to avoid causing vaginal inflammation.
  • The natural rubber material is safe without causing irritation or side effects.
  • The reason why condoms increase stimulation should be designed to be quite tough, durable and soft to ensure that it is safe not to tear the condom during sex.


Durex Sensation condoms are sold for about 52,000 VND / box of 3.

Durex Pleasuremax condom

Durex Pleasuremax condom It is intelligently designed with longitudinal veins combined with floating particles arranged evenly around the body to stimulate the sensitive points inside of the “little girl” to bring excitement to her. Durex Pleasuremax condoms are specially designed to glow in the night, bringing a delightful curiosity to couples when they “love” in the dark. A large amount of lubricant silicon is coated evenly on the outside of Durex Pleasuremax condoms to increase the humidity for the “little girl”, so that the “boy” can easily penetrate inside without leaving any damage. . Durex Pleasuremax is the “secret” to help the boys confidently conquer and dominate her in every love affair. Active reducing excitement helps men prolong sex, curb premature ejaculation. Durex Pleasuremax is highly appreciated by doctors for its safety.


Durex Pleasuremax box of 12 is sold with prices ranging around 150,000 VND / box of 12.


Durex Fetherlite condom

Durex Fetherlite

Durex Fetherlite Not only is it super slim, but it also comes in a unique paper box.


  • With a thinness of only 0.04mm, the product helps women feel the most genuine when the penis penetrates the vagina.
  • Helping men easily put the penis deep inside, feel each real stimulus like not using a condom.
  • The condom snugly does not slip off when performing intense sex poses.
  • Lubricating gel is added with more content to help make love smoother.
  • Lubricating gel helps protect the vagina from damaging strong friction.
  • Helps overcome vaginal dryness in women.
  • Natural rubber material ensures absolute safety when used.


Durex Fetherlite is sold at Jio online pharmacy for about 150,000 VND / box of 12 pieces

Durex Real Feel condom

Durex Real Feel belongs to Durex’s line of ultra-thin condom products and is the most popular product today. Products with a thickness of less than 0.03mm have excellent heat transfer, giving the most genuine rubbing feeling as its name suggests. Durex Real Feel is made of high quality Latex-free material, suitable for all skin types, especially those allergic to natural rubber materials. Durex Real Feel condom with extremely good elasticity, durability helps couples to experience many new love poses while ensuring maximum safety. Durex Real Feel is coated with lubricating silicon to help create a smooth, smooth in each “push rhythm”, does not cause pain for the “partner” and helps “love” become more passionate.

Durex Real Feel condom


  • With absolute thinness, the product helps men feel the most honest when having sex, creating the feeling of not using a condom.
  • Made from colorless, odorless, colorless natural rubber latex, which has been removed from harmful substances, ensuring safety for health.
  • The 56mm width fits snugly on the penis while ensuring the certainty that it won’t slip off and brings excitement.
  • The natural thinness combined with extremely good durability, softness and elasticity help the couple comfortably create unique sexual poses.
  • The lubricating gel both makes it easier for the penis to enter the vagina while protecting the vagina from friction damage.
  • Lubricating gel helps women deal with drought quickly.
  • Helps men prolong sex thanks to anesthetic that prevents premature ejaculation.


Durex Real Feel box of 3 is sold at Jio online pharmacy for 66,000 VND


Currently, Durex condom products are widely sold outside the market in pharmacies, shops and supermarkets nationwide for customers to easily find and buy. However, the fact that fake condoms still exist and are rampant selling makes it difficult for customers to find genuine condoms. Using fake Durex condoms, condoms of unknown origin, can cause many irritation affecting health.

So you must really consider to choose to buy products at reputable locations. Currently, Jio Online pharmacy is the distributor of 100% genuine Durex condoms, licensed by the Ministry of Health. With fast delivery time within 2 hours and discreet delivery, cover the product name. Surely you will be completely satisfied when ordering at our website Jio online pharmacy


Today condoms are known as protective protective gear for couples, supporting a safe and passionate love affair.

In addition to the simple effects of preventing pregnancy, avoiding sexually transmitted diseases, you should also note:

  • Only use a condom once.
  • Condoms should be used within 6 months of opening the box.
  • Do not use a condom in case the “boy” is injured or bleeding.
  • To avoid tearing the bag, Durex should be limited contact with sharp objects such as watches, jewelry, pants, …
  • Durex condoms should not be thrown into the toilet bowl after use.
  • Store condoms in a dry place away from direct sunlight

So we have just looked at the most prominent Durex condoms today. We hope the above sharing will help you choose a product that is right for you.

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