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If you are still wondering which option is the best, do not ignore the suggestions Men’s leather strap watches in the following list. Whether you are looking for a high-end or low-end product, a timepiece with a vintage-oriented design is always the right choice in all cases.

Did you know that watches say a lot about your style and personality? Not simply features that a watch model Beautiful leather strap watches for men can bring, the right choice will bring you much more value than that.

The most beautiful, genuine and beautiful men's leather strap models
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1. Beautiful leather strap watches for men over 2 million

Emporio Armani AR11011

Emporio Armani The pioneering copper line targeting young customers was first introduced by Armani in 1981. Since its launch, the iconic eagle image and the minimalist design have become iconic. The familiar statue of people who love this watch line around the world.

The Emporio Armani AR11011 has a circular dial that combines Roman hour markers with simple lines, using white gold tones and elegant dark brown leather strap. Form Men’s leather strap watches This is suitable for most types of clothing, especially simple, dynamic urban styles.

Men's leather watch Emporio Armani AR11011
Emporio Armani AR11011 (Source: Internet)

Curnon Weimar Herbert men’s leather strap

As one men’s watch models The most luxurious and loved color scheme in the Weimar collection of watches CurnonWeimar Herbert has a luxurious and elegant dark brown color scheme, offering a great choice for guys who love classic, minimalism.

Use top-notch Bauhaus design style, template Men’s leather strap watches This will be a subtle highlight for all costumes as well as all different events. The combination of striking gold on the black background of the dial, all the attention of the opposite person will definitely have to stop on your hand. In addition, the Weimar Herbert model in particular and all Curnon products in general use the luxurious, scratch-resistant Sapphire glass.

316T stainless steel case fully meets the standards of a high-end watch. In addition, the product is also 3ATM water resistant, helping you to be confident in all daily activities. It can be said, with a price of only approximately 2 million, this is an extremely great choice between products in the same segment.

Curnon Weimar Herbert men's leather strap watch
Curnon Weimar Herbert (Source: Curnon Watch)

Curnon Colosseum Sling

One more option for believers Men’s leather strap watches from Curnon – Colosseum Sling. The Colosseum line is designed with inspiration from the historic Roman arena, representing the strength and desire of men to adventure and conquer. Therefore, this is considered a shoe-making model for the boys who are constantly moving forward.

Colosseum Sling is a combination of 3 elegant white, rose gold and brown colors, easily combined with any outfit you choose. The most impressive highlight in this model is the two sub-dials that display the date and 24 hours, which makes the product design more powerful and impressive.

In addition to fully possessing the outstanding advantages of Curnon watches, the Colosseum Sling is also water resistant up to 5ATM. You can comfortably participate in moderate water sports activities without affecting product longevity.

Curnon Colosseum Sling Men's Leather Watch
Curnon Colosseum Sling (Source: Curnon Watch)

Citizen CT-NH8350-08E

Form Men’s leather strap watches Citizen CT-NH8350-08E owns a luxurious and sophisticated design with extremely masculine color gamut. The combination of the silver case with black leather strap and the black dial feels very mysterious, but not monotonous. In addition, thanks to the ownership of Hardlex hardened glass and Automatic movement, Citizen CT-NH8350-08E is durable with time as well as high accuracy, helping the watch to operate continuously without being interrupted by the replace batteries.

Citizen CT-NH8350-08E men's leather strap watch
Citizen CT-NH8350-08E (Source: Internet)

Bestdon BD99103G-2 men’s leather strap

Although only priced at less than 3 million, but the genuine Swiss watch Bestdon BD99103G-2 feels very trendy and upscale. Retains the face design with the basic long indices, but thanks to the 3 sub-dials and a unique rounded date display at 3 o’clock to help the model. Men’s leather strap watches This becomes extremely impressive and not monotonous.

In addition, the product is also equipped with Sapphire glass and durable 316L stainless steel case, 3ATM water resistance to help you confidently in everyday activities without having to worry about durability.

Bestdon watch BD99103G-2
Bestdon BD99103G-2 (Source: Internet)

2. Men’s leather strap watches over 5 million

Orient FEV0V003DH

Orient is one of the few leading mechanical watchmakers in Japan today capable of producing superior quality in-house watches at extremely affordable prices. Therefore, when choosing any product from Orient, you can completely trust the long-term value that this brand brings.

Form Men’s leather strap watches Orient FEV0V003DH is one such product. With a classic design with blue round dial and embossed leather strap, the product fully meets the standards of an elegant and luxurious accessory. The reflective thin-beveled hour hands and numerals featured in most Orient models complete the elegant style that it has always been striving for.

Beautiful leather strap watch for men Orient FEV0V003DH
Orient FEV0V003DH (Source: Internet)

Tissot T033.410.36.051.01

Tissot T033.410.36.051.01 is a model from the Tissot Classic Dream collection, featuring a design that combines the classic and modern features that are difficult to mix. The product owns a gold metal shell around the black dial, creating a strong, masculine feeling but equally luxurious.

In addition, the sharply designed hands and numerals with a black leather strap provide a harmonious, elegant overall. Form Men’s leather strap watches The Tissot T033.410.36.051.01 has been certified Swiss Made Premium, so you can be assured of the quality of the product completely worth the price you spend.

Tissot men's leather watch T033.410.36.051.01
Tissot T033.410.36.051.01 (Source: Internet)

Daniel Wellington DW00100135

As a watch brand aimed at urban youth, Daniel Wellington’s products are of a minimalist, polite design and very high applicability.

Form Men’s leather strap watches Daniel Wellington DW00100135 is one of the brand’s most loved options. Using silver-plated stainless steel material on a black background, still retains the typical simplicity of WD while still exuding the elegance and nobility that the men always aim for.

Beautiful leather strap watch for men Daniel Wellington DW00100135
Daniel Wellington DW00100135 (Source: Internet)

3. Beautiful men’s leather strap watches over 10 million

Rolex Cellini Date

The Rolex Cellini Date is part of Rolex’s premium Cellini collection that commemorates the elegance of traditional timepieces depicted in a modern look, meeting the highest standards of perfection in watchmaking. Rolex watches.

The designs of the Cellini version use luxurious, luxurious materials and elegant and subtle lines to create a perfect product beyond expectation. In it, the Rolex Cellini Date uses Rolex-exclusive 18 ct Everose gold details, with a silver embossed pattern dial and luxurious leather strap. All of them are aimed at honoring the characteristics of classic watches, showing the superiority of the user.

Men's leather watch Rolex Cellini Date
Rolex Cellini Date (Source: Internet)

Hugo Boss 1513506 men’s leather strap

Since its establishment in 1924, the famous German fashion brand has always been proud of the luxury it brings to its customers. Its watch collections are no exception. Specialized in style through innovative designs and a host of unique technical features, Hugo Boss models are great for perfecting your personal style.

Hugo Boss 1513506 is sample Men’s leather strap watches has a design class worthy for successful men. Equipped with Multi Automatic movement and engineered case that can see the movement of gears, creating a beauty that is difficult to mix with countless other famous brands.

In addition, the harmonious design between the gray color of the dial, rose gold stainless steel case and brown leather strap complete the unique look of this product.

Beautiful leather strap watch for men Hugo Boss 1513506
Hugo Boss 1513506 (Source: Internet)

Burberry The Britain is a beautiful leather strap for men

There is the fact that any product under the cult Burberry brand when launched, creates a fever in the fashion connoisseurs, including watch designs that are not its strength. The Burberry The Britain model was introduced as a timeless iconic legacy, blending handcrafted craftsmanship with modernity for a timeless elegance.

Ignoring the quality factor, value is what drives the sample Men’s leather strap watches This is so popular. Burberry The Britain Designed with a unique and trendy octagonal face, bold high-end fashion breath. The entire strap part and the transparent back can clearly see the inner part, which is cared for in every small detail.

Along with that is the trendy color scheme that can only come from the top names in the fashion world. All create a luxurious and powerful watch model, worthy of the class that Burberry has positioned ever since.

Burberry The Britain Watch
Burberry The Britain (Source: Internet)

Hopefully, from the suggestions on the patterns Beautiful leather strap watches for men Above, you will choose for yourself the most satisfactory product. Don’t forget that, pcs Men’s leather strap watches The best is the product that best suits your own needs.

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