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Noise-canceling headphones are headphones that reduce background noise by sound waves (Active Noise Canceling). These headphones will cancel out the noise so that users can enjoy music without having to turn on the volume too loud. With Yamaha to learn about Noise-canceling headphones and its outstanding features in the following article.

Why need noise canceling for headphones?

In many cases using headphones for entertainment or study, Noise-canceling headphones When sleeping, noise and noise from the surrounding environment such as horns, voices, sounds of construction sites, … will overwhelm your ears and reduce the quality of sound emitted from headphones. To temporarily fix this problem, we usually have tendency Turn the volume up to drown out the noise, which seems to work but forces the human ear to endure two loud sources at the same time. This is an unscientific way of listening to music, and can greatly affect our hearing in the future.

Should buy Noise-canceling headphones? While you enjoy your music, in addition to the quality of the drivers, one of the factors that most influences sound quality is the outside noise that gets into your ears. In order to be able to listen to music in a noisy environment, producers have come up with many styles Noise-canceling headphones tailored to the needs of each user.

Noise-canceling headphones

Outstanding features of noise-canceling headphones

1. Mechanism of action

Electronic devices inside the vehicle Noise-canceling headphones features automatic noise canceling that produces a noise-canceling wave with vibrations in stark contrast to ambient noise captured by the mic and eliminates unwanted sounds around you without compromising the sound. key comes from the headphone driver.

2. Active noise cancellation with mic outside the headset

In the refueling setting, the microphone is placed outside of the headphones, so that the microphone hears the noise and then the ANC processes and suppresses the noise before sending the result signal to the earpiece speaker. This noise cancellation technology’s Noise-canceling headphones High frequency noise reduction, up to 1222 kHz.

3. Active noise cancellation with mic inside the headset

With this type, the mic is placed inside the earcups and in front of the speaker, so Noise-canceling headphones Noise will be heard exactly the way the user hears it, and the mic will transmit the signal to the ANC for the best response and noise handling.

4. Active noise cancellation hybrid with mic outside and inside the headset

It can be said that this is the best way to reduce noise when combining mic placement both inside and outside the headset. Thereby, Noise-canceling headphones can suppress noise in both long and wide frequency ranges. With the new line of headphones launched, Yamaha has used it Advanced Active Noise Canceling (Advanced ANC).

Active noise cancellation is often said to lose low-frequency signals during music playback. So, Advanced Active Noise Canceling adopts a new method of eliminating background noise without any processing interference with the music signal.

The in-ear microphones combine the signal of music and noise, separating the signal processing of ambient noise and music. To achieve this, the headphones separate the two types of sounds with a unique new algorithm.

The signal collected by the microphone inside the headphones analyzes the noise, calculating how to remove only the noise from the music signal. Therefore, all music signals are preserved, ensuring the cleanest and most authentic music melodies.

Top the most prominent Yamaha noise canceling headphones 2020

1. Yamaha YH-E700A noise-canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones

The outstanding features of Yamaha YH-E700A may be mentioned as:

  • The ultimate set of listening experience: Real-time audio optimization, adapting the user’s needs to the surrounding sound environment.
  • Advanced Active Noise Cancellation: Eliminate noise and reduce music quality with exclusive Advanced Active Noise Cancellation Technology from Yamaha, making the music you hear clear and stay original.
  • Crosstalk: Listening to music via headphones or headphones will block out the outside sounds and immerse you in your favorite tunes or sounds. However, if all outside sounds are blocked, you may also be blocked from important sounds such as ambulance, sirens or public transport announcements. Those sounds are needed to help you avoid accidents or make sure you arrive on time. Function Crosstalk (Ambient Sound) Yamaha uses built-in microphones to record these external sounds, playing them in the background while you’re listening to selected music, giving you full awareness of your surroundings.
  • Advanced Listening Care: Smart balance for full-range sound at lower listening volumes, including volume and ambient noise level controls.
  • Bluetooth 5 with aptX Adaptive: Stable wireless connection with premium streaming quality.
  • Simple controls: Call, activate Siri /Google Assistant and control your music with easily-found control buttons available in the earcup department.
  • Take your headphones anywhere: The earcup design of the headset allows you to fold, rotate to a neat shape and have up to 35 hours of battery life.

2. Yamaha YH-E500A noise-canceling headphones

Features of Yamaha YH-E500A include:

  • Automatic Noise Canceling Experience Optimizer: filters sound out of the noise and immerses you in the music.
  • Surround sound: Optional mode when you need to remove background noise from outside sounds.
  • Listening Care: Based on its experience in designing professional sound in various large spaces, Yamaha has developed YPAO Volume for home theater products. YPAO Volume has now been customized for Yamaha hoods and in-ear headphones, including exclusive tuning parameters that go beyond EQ tuning. Volume levels are fine-tuned to help balance even at low volumes, so you hear a full range of frequencies without having to turn louder music
  • Bluetooth 5 with aptX-HD: Stable wireless connection with premium streaming quality.
  • Simple controls: Make calls, activate Siri / Google Assistant, and control your music with easily-findable control buttons available in the earcup department.
  • Bring all day long: Battery life up to 38 hours with ANC mode open.
Noise-canceling headphones

Hope with the above sharing from Yamaha has helped you understand Noise-canceling headphones What is the benefit of using types Noise-canceling headphones by Yamaha.

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