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Book shelf Not an essential interior product, but it has many great functions that cannot be ignored in modern families. In addition to helping to organize the utensils neatly and tidily, the bookshelf also plays a very beautiful decorative role. . Let’s learn how to choose with JYSK book shelf suitable and quality through the article below!

Criteria to help you choose a shelf for a beautiful and suitable book

  • Designs: The design of the bookshelf not only helps you make good use of the space, but also increases the aesthetics of the room. Outstanding models of bookshelves can be mentioned as rectangular, square, diagonal bookshelves, multi-storey shelves, herringbone-shaped shelves, … Depending on needs, preferences as well as the area of ​​shelf placement. books that you can choose from. For example, if you want to put a bookshelf in a small room, priority should be given to a herringbone bookshelf that will both save space and create a unique feature. If the room is large, a rectangular multi-storey bookshelf will be very suitable.
  • Color: When choosing colors for your bookshelf, you should consider the dominant tone of the overall design of the room. At this time, the furniture in the room will be more harmonious. For example, if you want to put shelves in a bedroom with light and elegant colors, the bookshelves in light wood or natural wood will create an impressive highlight. If you want to buy bookshelves for children, you will prioritize colors such as white, pink, blue, …
  • Material: Today, bookshelves are made from a variety of materials. Wooden bookshelves are currently popular products by sturdy shelves, elegant design, easy to assemble, transport and meet the expectations of users in terms of storage and decoration capabilities. In addition, there are many other types of shelves such as iron bookshelves, plastic bookshelves, fabric bookshelves, … with fancy and impressive designs.
  • Size: The bookshelf is beautiful and suitable when it is the right size for the room. In particular, you need to consider the area of ​​the room where the bookshelf is located as well as where you want to place it to be able to choose the best shelf. You should choose a shelf with a moderate size, a height that is just within reach for family members for convenient use. If you choose too big a bookshelf will make the room more cramped.
  • Reputable brand: Regardless of the furniture product in the family, it should be carefully selected from a reputable brand to ensure its quality and so is the bookshelf. JYSK is one of the brands specializing in providing quality bookshelf products with beautiful designs that you can safely choose to use in your home space.

HORSENS 3-storey bookshelf, industrial wood

  • Product: HORSENS 3-storey bookcase with oak color 40x120x30cm, PLUS; Book shelf 3 floors HORSENS industrial white wood; 740x120x30cm; HORSENS 3-storey bookcase with oak color 70x120x30cm; …
  • Design: HORSENS 3-storey bookshelf has the outstanding feature of being designed with a 3-storey and 3-compartment structure. Shelves look similar to standing cabinets with compartments of different sizes such as 40x120x30cm, 70x120x30cm, 70x197x30cm, … Therefore, the shelf capacity is quite spacious and can hold heavy items.
  • Material: HORSENS shelf is made from industrial wood with many colors such as oak, white. The shelf is water resistant and durable so the product is easy to clean and convenient to use.
HORSENS 3-storey bookshelf, industrial wood
HORSENS 3-storey bookshelf, industrial wood

VANDBORG bookshelf 2 floors / 2 drawers

  • Product: VANDBORG bookshelf with 2 floors / 2 drawers, industrial wood in oak color / black metal frame; R80xC92x40cm; BASIC
  • Design: VANDBORG bookshelf has a two-story design and two unique drawers. The lower floor of the shelf has a sliding wing design that can hold important items. The upper floor of the shelf is designed as an open shelf to hold decorations or frequently used items. The shelf has a sturdy black painted metal frame while also creating aesthetics for the product.
  • Material: Vandborg bookshelves are made of industrial wood that are popular today. The shelf has an impressive, elegant oak color that is suitable for decoration in many different spaces.
VANDBORG bookshelf 2 floors / 2 drawers
VANDBORG bookshelf 2 floors / 2 drawers

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