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After a long day of hard work, lying on a comfy bed, enjoying a deep and good night’s sleep is extremely wonderful. To get a good night’s sleep, choose a set bedding Suitability is essential. Sets bedding JYSK will be the perfect choice for your bedroom.

Things to note when choosing to buy bedding

Selection bedding In addition to the top priority is the quality factor to ensure safety and bring comfort and comfort when using, it is also necessary to match the bedroom design style to bring harmony and expression. somewhat of the owner’s aesthetic personality.

  • Material: This is one of the first important criteria you should keep in mind when looking to buy bedding. Choosing the wrong material will affect the quality of your sleep. For example, in the summer, you should choose blankets, lightweight materials, breathable to bring a feeling of ventilation when sleeping. Some popular materials for bedding today are cotton, cotton, sateen, tencel, … Cotton material stands out with outstanding absorbency, durable, breathable, and suitable for the weather of Vietnam. Choosing the right material will bring you a sense of comfort, help relax your body while you sleep.
  • Hobbies: You can choose from colors and motifs of bedding according to your personal style or preference. If you love modern, dynamic, simple, low-pattern sheets with neutral colors such as dark blue, brown, and gray will suit you.
  • Size: You should pay attention to the size of the bed and mattress (length x width x height) when looking to buy bedding to avoid buying the wrong size of too small or too large products. In addition, pillows are also divided into head pillows, hug pillows, … with different sizes. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the type and size of the pillow to choose the right pillow case.
  • Space and feng shui: You can consider buying bedding in colors that match feng shui and destiny to bring luck and happiness. Choosing the color of blankets to match the bedroom design or the family’s destiny will bring about a comfortable and pleasant mentality. For example, people of par Kim can buy yellow or white bedding, par Moc with blue, …
  • Reputable brand: Poor quality bedding is the most influencing factor for your sleep. Material of poor quality bedding is usually hard and dry, after a short time of use, it will be cotton and lint. And poor quality materials will lead to negative effects on the respiratory system as well as skin diseases. Therefore, finding and buying bedding in a reputable brand, ensuring quality is an investment with long-term efficiency. And JYSK international retail chain from Denmark is the first choice when choosing quality bedding for the home. JYSK bedding products are guaranteed to be of good quality with OeKO-Tex® 100, NOMITE, SILPURE standards, which ensure no harmful substances, antibacterial and non-irritating to the skin.

JYSK pillow covers

  • Products: White checkered Apollo cotton pillow cases, Blue Tilda cotton pillow cases
  • Material: Shell set bedding JYSK is made from cotton, cotton sateen with good absorbent ability, soft, dry air.
  • Advantages: Various product designs in terms of crude weaving, plain weaving, wrinkled weaving and many different colors help customers easily choose the product like that. JYSK bedding set is also light weight, easy to replace, fast drying and very convenient. In addition, customers can be assured for family use when the JYSK blanket and pillow cover OeKO-Tex® 100 standard with absolute guaranteed quality, free from harmful substances, antibacterial and non-harmful. skin irritation.
APOLLO cotton pillow covers with white checker pattern;  2x50x70 200 × 220 cm
APOLLO cotton pillow covers with white checker pattern; 2x50x70 200 × 220 cm

Ga chun JYSK

  • Product: White Grain Ga Cotton with gray leaves, White Sateen Scandi Cotton with gray
  • Material: JYSK elastic thread is made of cotton and sateen that absorb very well, the fabric is soft, airy, and comfortable to use.
  • Advantages: JYSK elastic gas products not only have smooth, durable and beautiful materials but also possess a elastic design, hugging the mattress, minimizing deviation, causing loss of bedroom aesthetics. In addition, the product is also very compact, making it easy to clean and maintain. JYSK Rubber Sheet is also a safe choice for users with the quality guaranteed by OeKO-Tex® 100 Standard when the product does not contain harmful substances, is antibacterial and does not cause skin irritation.
SCANDI cotton sateen, white with gray texture
SCANDI cotton sateen, white with gray texture

JYSK pillow covers

  • Product: Cotton pillow case KRONBORG His / Hers letter, Anna cotton pillow case
  • Material: JYSK pillow covers made of cotton and cotton sateen are soft, absorbent, and easy to sleep.
  • Advantages: JYSK pillow covers are varied in size, suitable for pillows, pillows come with lightweight, smooth materials. With a new design and youthful words, the meaning of the product creates a sense of closeness to use. Moreover, JYSK pillow covers also have OeKO-Tex® 100 environmental and health safety certifications for users to use with peace of mind.
KRONBORG cotton pillow cover HIS / HERS letters;  50x70cm
KRONBORG cotton pillow cover HIS / HERS letters; 50x70cm

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