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Are you Mao’s age? You are looking for some feng-shui items that suit your age to help bring your luck and fortune in 2021. In the following column, Vietlott would like to share about feng-shui items for people of the Rabbit age and suggestions. several options for you. Refer now.

Feng shui items for the Rabbit year 2021

Introduce feng-shui items for people of the Rabbit year 2021
Introduction of Feng Shui products for the Rabbit year-olds in 2021 (Source: Internet)

Feng shui item is an item that brings luck, health or fortune to the user. Depending on your wishes, you will choose for yourself the right feng shui item.

When choosing feng shui objects, the factors related to age, fate need special attention. If you choose a feng-shui item that is suitable for your age and destiny, you will receive a positive energy source from that feng-shui item to make your life more favorable and satisfactory. Similarly, if you choose an inappropriate feng-shui item, not only will you not benefit from the hardship, but you may also suffer unpredictable consequences.

Feng shui objects Currently divided into 2 categories are:

  • “Bending”: This feng shui is meant to help you dispel bad omen, protect you from bad ones.
  • “Chiêu”: Usually is a talent for fortune, a lucky move. People use this feng shui item with the desire for more luck and fortune.

Feng shui items can have many different designs. Depending on the purpose of use, the shape and size will also be different. The most common type of feng shui talent, lucky move today is gemstone jewelry that can be carried on the body.

People of the age of the horse, also known as the age of the cat, are gentle, kind, friendly and sincere people. However, they sometimes bring feelings of bullying. With the desire to bring luck and protect yourself from bad guys, people born in the Rabbit year like to use feng shui objects personal details such as golden quartz bracelets, retirement bracelets, … The following is an introduction to the meaning and note when using this feng shui item for people of the Rabbit year.

Gold quartz bracelet

Gold Quartz Bracelet - Feng Shui Products for the Rabbit Age in 2021
Gold Quartz Bracelets – Feng Shui Products for the Rabbit Year 2021 (Source: Internet)

When it comes to feng-shui clothes for people of the Rabbit year, we cannot help but mention yellow quartz bracelets. Yellow quartz is a gemstone with a yellow color. It is not very powerful, but it contains trace elements and some substances beneficial for the people of the Rabbit age. You can use it as a daily jewelry item to bring your luck.

Gold quartz bracelets help you to show your magic power, attracting sympathy from the opposite sex. Especially suitable for people born in the Rabbit year. Single Mao-year-olds often wear yellow quartz bracelets that can improve their love line and soon find a suitable middle-man.

Note when using gold quartz bracelets: You need to regularly clean them to keep the golden quartz bracelets shiny like new. Because this bracelet acts as one feng shui objects So it is not allowed to stick to dust or impurities or the effect will be reduced.

Wearing a lucky Ti Huu ring

People of the year of the Rabbit wear a Ti Huu bracelet that bring luck and fortune
The people of the Rabbit year who wear the Ti Huu bracelet bring luck and fortune (Source: Internet)

The Taurus is a talented feng shui item that brings wealth to people of the Rabbit year. According to Feng Shui, by 2021 the financial situation of the aged will not be very good. Unfavorable work, bad business, while life incurs many wasteful and unwanted expenses.

To improve this situation, in 2021 this year of the Rabbit should wear a Bhikkhu bracelet to bring their luck. In particular, Bhikkhu also helps you save money to avoid unnecessary waste.

In 2021, your relationship with friends and relatives is not very good. Wear feng shui objects Like the lucky Bhikkhu ring is also a way to help you neutralize this.

Do not wear white quartz

White Quartz - The feng-shui object is not good for people of the Rabbit year in 2021
White Quartz – The feng-shui object is not good for the Rabbit year 2021 (Source: Internet)

If golden quartz bracelets help you bring luck and fortune, white quartz is completely counterproductive. According to feng shui, white quartz is not suitable for people of the Rabbit age. In 2021, people of the year of the Rabbit wearing white quartz will become hot-tempered and may encounter bad luck and emotional betrayal. Especially for women of the Rabbit age.

No matter how much you like white quartz, by 2021, limit the frequent use of this gemstone. If possible, stay away from white quartz this year 2021 feng shui objects for people of the Rabbit age. Advice on which feng shui items you should choose and should not choose to help bring good fortune and avoid bad luck. Vietlott hopes that, through this article, you will choose feng shui items that suit your destiny.

Reference source: Lucky feng-shui objects for people of the year of the Rabbit 2021

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