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Tiger capital represents strength, majesty. According to horoscope research, the Year of the Tiger in 2021 is quite stable, less uncertain, but you should not be subjective either. One of the ways to help the Tiger improve, attract fortune, and suck luck about himself is to use feng shui objects. So which feng shui objects bring luck to people in the year 2021? Find the answer in the article below.

feng shui objects age gradually
What feng shui is 2021 suitable for? (Source: Internet)

Feng Shui items for the Tiger 2021: Jewelry for children with age

feng shui objects age gradually
Feng Shui objects 12 zodiacs (Source: Internet)

Feng shui objects or also known by feng shui researchers with the scientific term is legal qi. It is not only a decorative item in the family, but also contributes to bringing luck and fortune to the homeowner.

Every feng shui objects to match each person’s destiny and age. No one is like anyone. If a homeowner chooses an item that is suitable for his age, his destiny will be like a tiger with wings, bringing luck, attracting a positive energy source for all aspects of life. If the owner chooses the items that are not suitable for him, it will bring unforeseen bad luck.

Feng shui objects is divided into 2 categories: bending and skill. Got the meaning of neutralization. That is, that feng shui item has the ability to help homeowners improve their fortune, limit the misfortune to themselves and their families. Chieu is meant to attract positive energy to bring luck and fortune in all areas of the homeowner’s life.

The Tiger Age in 2021 is quite peaceful, the situation is stable without many major events, causing significant disturbances. However, do not be subjective in advance of anything. Choosing for yourself age-appropriate jewelry is one of the ways to help Tiger’s age to attract talent.

The road of success and fortune of Tiger in 2021 is expected to be quite smooth, you will have new advancement in the field you pursue. But you also cannot avoid the jealousy, jealousy, and stickiness of those who do not fit the eye. In order to live peacefully with your coworkers, you should choose jewelry with the pictures of Dogs, Horses and Pigs. These are zodiac animals that are suitable for your age, it will be like a noble supporting, leading the way, showing the way to make your career path more and more smarter.

Should wear rose quartz stone

feng shui objects age gradually
Rose quartz stone brings happiness to the scent age in 2021 (Source: Internet)

Age always carries in itself a strong and aggressive. That is why the 2021 horoscope overview gradually shows that their love line is not very lucky, especially for those who have not found their other half. With a conquering nature, the Tiger age when faced with the opposite sex always gives them a bad impression, greatly affecting the development of the relationship that the two sides desire.

To improve this situation, people aged Tiger should choose their own jewelry feng shui objects Made of rose quartz stone. Rose quartz has the effect of helping to improve heterosexual relationships, improving the relationship of husband and wife, besides it also has the ability to limit aggression, helping you become softer, softer from there. attract the attention of the opposite sex. And maybe you will find your loyalist among those attracted. However, those who have a half of their own, do not wear amethyst.

Wearing a pension brings luck

feng shui objects age gradually
Retiree brings fortune for the Tiger in 2021 (Source: Internet)

Horoscope 2021 shows that the fortune and fortune of the Tiger are not distributed very well. You still have only a fixed amount of income from your monthly salary but have out-of-control expenses. So choose right for yourself that feng-shui is a retirement to help you solve those problems.

The pension is known as the mascot used to attract luck, fortune, money for homeowners, pray for a good year, money is like water. People of Tiger choose Feng shui objects are retirement helps to bring homeowners surprising small sums of money to improve daily life. In addition, it also has the effect of keeping her from before, neutralizing bad luck that costs money.

Do not wear amethyst

feng shui objects age gradually

Amethyst stone is bigger than the Goats in 2021 (Source: Internet)

Amethyst is splendid, brilliant and powerful. The Tiger also carries in its strength and conquest. A mountain can not have two tigers, so amethyst rock is very hostile to people aged Tiger. If the people of Tiger choose feng shui objects Amethyst stone will make their mood unstable, always have a feeling of restlessness and insecurity. If they encounter unusual situations, they will not be alert enough to make the right decisions. feng shui objects suitable for the year of Tiger in 2021. Hopefully through this article, you have found yourself suitable feng-shui items to help yourself overcome difficulties and achieve your dreams in life. However, do not think that these objects are omnipotent, the only real success comes when you try your best.


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